An insider's look at the "Monsters, Inc." ride


This article gave a GREAT review and cool hints on hidden things inside the new “Monster’s Inc.” ride at California Adventure. It was great!!! I am SOOO excited to ride this ride! I will be SURE to look for all those cool things they are talking about!

Has anyone ridden it yet?


That’s a review by Disney, isn’t it?


I did! I rode it!


OMG Pumouse, PLEASE TELL!!! What is the track system like, is it that “bouncy” magnetic feeling one like you’d find in Winnie the Pooh? How long is it? Did you take pictures? Are the effects cool? Did you see any of those hidden things that the article points out?

Sorry, I am such a geek but I am so excited to go in it in June!


I still have not ridden it! :pinch: My half day trip down there a couple weeks ago ended up being DL only… :sad: Oh well, I was in DL, so that was awesome! :biggrin:


I’m not sure if you watched it on another thread but here is a video of it. Looks fun.


Well, it was really cool. Did you ever go on the Superstar Limo ride? It’s in the same building and uses the same tracks. At the end all three times we went on it Ros asked my daughter if those were her real ears because she was wearing the 50th Mickey ears. She would say “hey you in the 2nt row…” My daughter loved that!


thanks for the article! I was hoping to go to Disneyland for graduation in May but it will have to wait! Can’t wait to try out the new ride


I rode it, after 65 minutes of waiting… Go see my Trip report! I think I rode it on the 18th, my second day…


I missed it on my last trip (it opened a few weeks after we got home :rolleyes:). But I’m looking forward to it too! I love having new rides to look forward to!


Thanks so much for the link Daydreamer! Looks cool. I WILL admit I am a LITTLE dissapointed that they re-used the same track system from Hollywood Limo. I would have liked them to upgrade to a more advanced system like in Winnie the Pooh or the Cat in the Hat Ride in IoA. Although, the ride looks pretty cool. I am excited to go on it!!!


Oh i wanna ride that so bad!!! It looks soooo cool. I like the links wish and daydreamer!!


Thanks for the link Wish! :smile:


That link make me so wish I had ridden it! :sad: UGH! Maybe I will have to squeeze in another trip? :wink: SOON! :tongue:


JUNE! JUNE! JUNE!!! Any time between the 27th-30th would be perfect!!! :happy:


Having just watched the video, I’m a bit disappointed. This is basically Winnie the Pooh or Snow White’s Scarey Adventure with a different theme. Remember when Disney imagineering was cutting edge? This is just a repeat of a good, but already used formula.


Amen cavey! I was DEFINATELY hoping for a more innovative track system.


I think it looks pretty fun, my niece will love it. The randall effects with him apppearing out of no where was pretty good, and Randal changing colors was amazing. There is some cutting edge effects in the ride… especially the personalized farewell from Roz. Even though it’s been done with Turtle Talk, it’s still great.


Are you sure it’s personalized? When you play the video, you can hear Roz up ahead saying the same thing about glasses. My guess was it’s the same comments over and over, with the likelihood there is a woman in the front row and someone wearing glasses in the car.


The video does not do the ride justice, take it from someone who has now ridden it about 15 times, in real life it is quite fun and unique! So ride it in real life first and then make you decision. :wink: :smile: