An Orlando Trip without Parks!


Welp - we just got word that DD has a cheerleading competition in Orlando and we need to be there from 3/28 through 3/31. But, we’ll have to make the trip without visiting the parks :sad: :sad: .

We have a bunch of reasons for not going to parks. First off, there’s state testing going on up here, and we made the decision that we would only take DD out of school for the Friday and Monday. She has 4pm practice on Friday, and competes both Saturday and Sunday, and then we’ll have to travle home on Monday. We’ll be at the convention center right down the road from US/IOA and it’s killing me not to be able to go, but without staying on-site I just don’t think that a few hours in the park one day is worth the $ for a ticket. Plus, DH and DS aren’t going with us, and I just could not deal with DS if he found out his sister went to the parks while he stayed home. We also have a Bat Mitzvah, Braces, and Camp to pay for this year (she is one expensive kid this year :eek: :eek: ) which is the main reason that DH and DS are not coming with us.

So, anyway - our plan is to catch the first flight on Southwest out of Providence Friday morning (6:30am if Southwest ever releases their dates for the end of March). Then grab our rental car and stop at a grocery store for snacks. Check into the hotel (Hampton Inn near Universal), and head on over to Downtown Disney maybe for lunch and shopping a little before she has to be at the convention center for practice at 4pm. I’d like to spend some time at City Walk too and DD would love to go to Margaritaville for dinner one night.

Any ideas of free things to do that we can squeeze in for a couple of hours here and there when she’s not competing?


Boardwalk. Free entertainment there. And you can see Illuminations from there if you time it right.


that is just wrong~! so many levels of wrong!! Im shaking my head at you Maggie… where there is a will there is a way…

(just kidding)


So close and yet so far away. Sorry to hear that you won’t be able to spend time at the parks, but congrats to DD for the cheerleading competition. Hope all goes well!


Well I have to admit I’ve done that once. When I did not have the money to get a park ticket I went to DD and hung out for a couple of hours. No where near as fun as the parks but still gave me that warm fuzy feeling.


How about a character dinner, lunch or breakfast at one of the resorts?


That’s what I was thinking! Maybe Chef Mickey’s on our last morning before we fly out. I’ll have to mention this to DD.

BTW - when can you make an ADR if you’re not staying on-site?


Yeah - I know. I was actually thinking of keeping this quiet and not telling you guys. I knew I’d hear it from at least one of you! :laugh: :laugh: