An unexpected journey!


As in we are making an unexpected trip the end of May. The kids have the last week of May off from school and since I am having a mid-life crisis and trying to spend as much family time as possible together before DD leaves for college next year I figured it was the perfect excuse for another Disney trip! Only drawback is I decided to late and BOG is booked the whole week. Oh well, we’ll still enjoy it.


Enjoy. Last mminute trips are the best.

Don’t let the BOG ressie get you down. You’ll have a great time. I still don’t have a room ressie for our escape the end of this month. Dang work schedules.:laugh:


How exciting! Have a blast:)


We will be going for Labor day weekend. Its been way too long!!! have fun!!


:goofybounce: :goofybounce: :goofybounce:


Wow lucky you!! Enjoy :slight_smile:


That’s exciting news. You will have a great trip even w/o a Be Our Guest ADR. You can always try lunch if it’s really important to you.


Go for lunch, or keep trying for the adr. Someone might cancel. So glad you and your family get to go back to wdw. Can’t wait to hear all about your trip.


We did BOG 3 times on our last trip. It quickly became our favorite. It’s not a deal-breaker. It’s a few days at Disney not much can spoil that.


We went through the same emotions as you. Had to get that one final trip in before our baby became a young, responsible adult. DH doesn’t do crowds well, and he even agreed to go during Spring Break just to get that one important trip in.

Have a wonderful time!


Been there a few times in May and liked it a lot. Don’t give up on BOG someone might cancel. You will have a great time anyway so enjoy .


So true! :laugh:


Yes you got a surprise trip and must had enjoyed a lot.


I love unexpected surprise trips! :wub: I’m trying to talk my DH into one!


Just book it.:laugh: