Anaheim AMTRACK Station


Hey there!

This is my first thread that I’ve started on this website, so bear with me on any and all errors.

Normally, for the past 12 years, each and every time I head up to Disneyland, I’ve done so weaving in and out of traffic on I-5, sort of a road warrior mentality, trying not to waste valuable park time stuck behind someone driving the speed limit.

But seriously, I’ll be flying into San Diego this time, but have always wondered how stress free my trip to Disneyland would be if I took the train. The station is only a few blocks away from the theme parks, but I was wondering if anybody on this site had ever utilized the train to arrive at Disneyland? Are taxi cabs available and/or plentiful? 24/7? Or am I on my own at 11:00 p.m.?

I realize most Californians drive, and those visiting either obtain a rental car at the airport or utilize their hotel shuttle.

For the cheap fares offered by Amtrack, I am thinking the train SHOULD be worth the trip. But I have learned there is a wealth of information out there in DisneyCentral, and thought I would inquire of other’s experiences.

I thank all of you in advance for your assistance! :pirate:


I’ve taken the San Diego - Anaheim route many times! I think you will love it, but I’m not sure that the trains run that late. You might want to check.

The San Diego train station is a beautiful, historic building, and the route will take you north, directly on the sand of the beach in many spots. It’s very scenic, so get a window seat on the left side of the train next to the water (if you travel during the daytime). I think the train makes stops in Del Mar, Oceanside, San Juan Capistrano, and Anaheim.

As far as cabs go, there may not be one waiting but I’m sure you can easily call one and they’ll be there in a few minutes. Do not try to hoof it at night - it’s a rough neighborhood. During the day should be ok although I have no idea exactly how far it is. Maybe 2-3 miles? I’d call a cab.

On the way back down to San Diego, sit on the right side of the train.

I’m not sure how far the San Diego station is from the airport, but I’d call a cab in that situation too. Super Shuttle or Prime Time may be cheaper.


I’ve also done Anaheim-San Diego many times. I’m going to basically say exactly what Disneywife just said!

funny antic
When I was 13 we were on our wat from Anaheim to San Diego and going by a field there was a HUGE group of 50-80 guys all MOONING the train! hahaha, they had words written on their bottoms and signs and it was so funny.


I think taking the train would be an awesome and fun experience, I know how ya feel when it comes to driving on the LA freeways, what a mess! If you were to ask me I would say sure why not, go ahead and take the train! :smile:


But… but… It’s DISNEYLAND!!!

I remember during my internship at Federal Defenders in San Diego, I was sitting in District Court one day, and watched as the Feds were prosecuting this couple who were breaking into cars in the Disney parking lot. (1995, when it was still there).

At that time, I was amazed they had security cameras in place to catch the bad guys…

Thanks for the input, I’ve put you on my buddy list… (it’s a very short list) :pirate:


Thanks for your input.

I will TRY to get a cheap hotel room in Anaheim through Priceline, but they’re proving difficult.

Thanks for the input, I’ve put you on my buddy list… (it’s a very short list) :pirate:


Thanks for your comments! The trip up for two only costs $28.50, the trip back is $40.00 or so. If I can get a good hotel, It would save me four hours of stressful driving, plus $30.00 hotel parking fees, so I thank you again!

I’ve put you on my buddy list… (it’s a very short list) :pirate:


No problem, Im ALWAYS glad to help (haha, me help, like I do that haha!) but I hope you have an awesome trip and all goes well, and thanks for putting me on your buddy list! :smile:


The resort itself is not a rough neighborhood, nor are the streets directly surrounding it…what I meant was the train station which is several blocks away to Disneyland…THAT is not an area you want to be walking around in at night. I’ve taught at 3 schools in that direct area, and it is full of gangs and transients. But stick right near DL and you’re fine. The resort area and the “Good Neighbor” hotels have been totally revamped in recent years and the area is actually very, very nice, with lots of people out and about at night.

And hey, the parking lot is still there! Well…a tiny tiny corner of it! (The Timon parking lot) That thing used to be enormous…so enormous, that they built a theme park on it that is just as big as DL!


hey 626…I’m glad to be reading that you are on your way yet again to Disneyland! The last time we chatted, I remembered you saying that you didn’t know when you would be able to get there again… I don’t remember if I got to thank you for all your helpful information for our last trip, but if I didn’t, then… THANK YOU!!! I hope you have a wonderful Disney holiday!


You’re welcome, though EVIL Hawaiian Airlines ditched the “settlement” I had with them. I was supposed to receive a "round trip first class ticket from Pago Pago to California.

What that MEANT was, I am supposed to pay for a coach seat with six day notice ($1,500.00) and then they will “upgrade” me for the four legs. The sad part, is that Air New Zealand does a direct flight from Western Samoa to LAX for only $899.00 coach, and that was with a one day notice fare. I think I need to start charging my clients more…

Needless to say, I am stranded in Pago Pago this Christmas, and won’t be going stateside until February…


That’s a bummer! Sorry, I hate it when things don’t work out!


man 626… you can’t seem to catch a break! I hope your NEW YEAR brings you MORE LUCK! I total understand the EHA…OUCH! that’s gotta hurt! What about trying to hitch a ride to here (Hawaii) and then flying to CA? I managed to get a flight outta here for 310.00 with only 7 days notice!!! on Delta, but hey, I got there!


I just realized that I never posted a comment on this thread after I took the train to Anaheim.

Well, actually, I took the train from San Diego to Union Station the day before my flight to Samoa, but the experience of riding the train instead of fighting traffic on I-5 was a BLAST!!!

The biggest reason I didn’t take the train for my trip to Disneyland was because I ended up staying a week in Placentia.

But the next time I gets to Disneyland, I am going to stay within walking distance of the parks and take the train up.:cool: