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[QUOTE=Voldemort;1136874]NOW HEAR THIS – NOW HEAR THIS –

There WILL be a TR. Here, on MB, for anyone who doesn’t go lolloping about on Facebook. Photos will be taken. Noms will be critiqued. Chaos will ensue.

Heaven help us all…and don’t say I didn’t warn you. :ph34r:[/QUOTE]

Hooray!! :heart:


[QUOTE=Andrea;1136915]I could not be more excited. :wub:

(And please note who had your back in this thread.)[/QUOTE]

NOTED. :flowers:

So far, the intended destinations are as follows:
Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen in DTD (this is one of our favorites, so we’re going more than once so we can do different meals)
Cafe Orleans (for :heart:frites:heart:, of course)
Carthay Circle (can’t wait to try this one!)
Earl of Sandwich (6-2-6 has never been to an EoS, so it’ll be a first for him)
Los Sanchez (offsite, for some authentic local flavor)
Storyteller’s Cafe (excellent roast beast)
The University Club in San Diego (we’ll be in S.D. on business for one day)
Amazon Brazilian Barbecue (another offsite favorite)
and wrapping up the final meal of the trip: NAPA ROSE, my precioussssss.

NOM NOM NOM! Needless to say, this TR will include…food porn. :ohmy::eek::laugh:


Very excited for the 2 of you. Can’t wait to read your trip report.


NOM NOM NOM! Needless to say, this TR will include…food porn. :ohmy::eek::laugh:[/QUOTE]

It’s so wrong that I’m just sitting here giggling that MB won’t show so many words… but porn? Porn is okay! :laugh:


Shhhhh! Go around saying it all loud like that and it won’t be okay anymore. :ph34r: :laugh: