Anahiem Marriott Fairfield


Just booked our stay there anyone stay there. Any info


I’ve walked through it… :wub: It’s always looked like a nice hotel from what I saw of the lobby. They do claim that it’s been newly renovated. You are a good healthy walking distance from the parks, however. Anaheim has a trolley that runs the circuit if you don’t have a rental car. :pirate:


Thank you 626 I got a good deal on that hotel 366 for 4 nights including tax. But you got me thinking about the distance no car. What would u recommend that is much closer.


Have you checked the good neighbor hotels deals page at the Disneyland site? It has some packages that look like pretty good deals right now.


Yes this is one of the good neighbor hotels. The Disney reservation told me it’s a 10 minute walk. Is this not true. This is the one located at south harbor blvd.


I know it is a good neighbor hotel but there are some really good deals booking through the Disneyland website. They include that hotel and others that are even closer. I think you might get an even better deal there.


Thanks cubsblue any particular one I should stay that you know if being close last time I was at Disneyland was almost nine years ago I think and we stayed at the pier to darn expensive now almost 300 a night no way.


The page I was talking about is here:Spend One More Day | Vacation Packages | Disneyland Resort I would check for reviews on hotel’s. We always stay with family out there so when it comes to a hotel review I am not the best but Tripadvisor can give you a good overview.


Thanks cubsblue unfortunately the dates don’t work with ours in October. We got a grand total for 2 adults and teenage sone 4 nights 4 day park hopper and airport transfers for 1140.


Nearly every hotel in that area has a shuttle or trolley service, so it shouldn’t be a problem. But you might want to call the hotel and check what the operating hours are, just for peace of mind…


Have you considered Priceline? I use the name your own price exclusively when I go to Disneyland, and have gotten hotel rooms in Anaheim at nice hotels such as the Hyatt, Marriott (the one that IS ten minutes away next to the Hilton), the Hilton, and the Anabella all for around $50.00 a night per room. :pirate:

In better news, you are just walking distance away from Target. =)


This is my favourite non-disney hotel when in Anaheim:wub:. And where I have stayed my last 5 or so trips.

It is well within walking distance no problems at all - and it gives you good access to the bus stop if you want to go to Target, and the food in the very close vacinity is pretty good too!



Sounds like a fun trip!