And my official job is


OPERATIONS! :mickey:

That’s right, after many weeks of waiting and mess-ups, I finally received my letter via Fed Ex today. I am so excited to be working in operations. Here’s the official description:

[I]Operations Cast Members will be placed in one of the following areas:

[ul]Attractions: working at any one of the “rides”, theater shows or FASTPASS® locations[/ul]
[ul]Parking: greeting all Guests who arrive by vehicle working mainly outside or at the Toll Plaza[/ul]
[ul]Park Greeter: greeting all Guests who enter the park and validating their tickets.[/ul]
Responsibilities may include: loading and unloading Guests, operating sophisticated ride systems, memorizing and delivering lengthy narrations to large groups, staffing Toll Plaza areas, cash handling, operating a motorized vehicle, operating turnstile areas, obtaining knowledge of the Walt Disney World Resort ticket media, light cleaning and assisting with audience control.
A valid driver’s license is required for certain Operations roles. [/I]

I don’t know my exact location yet. I will find out when I arrive. But during the interview, I mentioned how I would love to work at Splash Mountain, so I am holding out for that. :mickey:

I am still deciding on my arrival date, but I may take the option of checking in on December 15. It’s very soon, but I would love to be there during Christmas time. Otherwise I will be checking in on January 9 and will depart on May 12.

Anyways, I hope to see many of you in Disney World!


Congratulations - see you there between January 23 - 28!! Soooo happy for you!!! :wub:


Congratulations! We will be there from the 16th December so we may see you there!


I hope you get to do Splash Mountain! That would be a blast! But anything will be great, you’ll be working for the happiest place on earth! YAY DISNEY!!!


That sounds great! All those options sound good except for maybe the parking vehicles isn the parking lot. I hope you get a good attraction and maybe I’ll see you in January when we come down!


Congradulations, awesome job!


Me too, I’ll be there from 1-21 to 1-28… let me know where you’ll be, maybe I’ll trade some pins with you!


That is great!!! Can’t wait to hear about your experiences.


Congrats Ginger :mickey:

I’ll keep my fingers crossed you get SM!


What wonderful news! Congrats!


That’s great news!! What an experience you’ll have !


Congratulations! Hope you get Splash Mountain!


Congrats and good luck on getting SM!! Be sure to let us know where you are so I can say ‘howdy’ in February!!


Yeah, finally the good news. Hopefully it will be Splash Mountain.


UPDATE: My official check-date will be December 15th! Yay, I will be in WDW for Christmas! :mickey:


Cool!!! Do you start work right away?


Congrats, I will look for you after the Marathon in January!


Keeping my fingers crossed for Splash Mt too! We will see you there in the first part of February!! Congratulations!


Oh I am so happy for you! Can’t wait to hear all about it!


Congrats! I hope you get SM…parking sounds a bit dull.