And now for something completely different


not really, its just another trip report!


We got back late Wednesday night, I am still digesting the trip, so to speak. I am nursing a pinched nerve in my right arm, so this is going slower than I had hoped.

So, this is just a teaser, but, my boys did get a dream! :wub:

It wasn’t our best trip, but it wasn’t the worst either. I’ll be back with pictures, in a little bit.:happy:


Cool, welcome home! I can’t wait to hear about the dream your boys got! :smile:


Get started on that TR!
I have aboring day of work ahead and need some entertainment! lol


Yay, you are typing something for us and are going to post pics to feast our eyes on :biggrin:

Come up here and see my Chiropractor - Darin will get rid of that pinched nerve :wink:


Welcome home! hope your arm gets better real soon.


Okay, first things first. The boys were completely surprised when we woke them up and told them we wanted to go to the Crystal Palace for lunch. :eek:

At first, it didn’t register with either of them. But then, as they came out of their sleep, it was all smiles, and yea baby, we are going to Disney World.:biggrin:

As I said earlier, not the best trip we have had, but certainly not the worst. I am going to keep the negative to a minimum, or at least warn you when I get to a negative, for those of you who are faint of heart, or just don’t want to read it.:ph34r:

We flew with Northworst Airlines this time, and, I have to say, it was much improved! From luggage check-in, right on through, we had very nice, helpful service. Our flight was a little late taking off, but, we still managed to land on time. :happy:

Magical Express was very smooth this trip as well, we were at OKW in less than an hour from landing at MCO.

Here comes the negative, so skip over if you must.

This was the first time we stayed at OKW. We love WL, but realistically can afford POFQ, so wind up staying there most of the time. We had a great AP rate for OKW, so we decided to try it. Lets just say we won’t stay there again. There just isn’t anything that makes it stand out in my mind, and those buses were insane. I also did not like the lack of sidewalks from our room to the hospitality house. We had to cross two parking lots to get to our bus stop, which was ok, but not ideal, and I don’t think I would like to do with small children. Mousekeeping also was not anything to write home about.:glare:

Back to happy stuff. Here’s a picture! First ride at the Magic Kingdom, its a tradition for us, its the TTA.


Lunch at the Crystal Palace, as promised.


Welcome home and Love reading Tr’s and seeing pictures. Sorry to hear about OKW


Tigger came to see us, too.


Oh, thank you, but no worries. We were at Disney, after all!! :happy: It just was not the resort for us.


We need a ride on the steam train…


Tigger and Pooh had mentioned we should check out their ride, so off we went…


There’s Tigger!


Ooh, this must be a picture from the safari, its one of those wild hippos…:wink::laugh:


Welcome home! What a great way to start the trip off with the surprise! I can’t wait to read about the dream!


I promised details, so here are some on the room and OKW in general.

It was a studio, it did indeed have two queen size beds, a pretty big bathroom with a rather large vanity, a tiny little kitchenette type area, with microwave, coffee maker, toaster, sink and mini-fridge. A regular size closet with an iron, ironing board and a pack-n-play, and vacuum. Which made for a crowded closet once we put our suitcases in it. Also, I remembered Wish and Bella had mentioned the tiny tv, and yes, it was tiny. :laugh:

Goods to Go, which is the snack place, is very small, and limited in selection, when compared to food courts at Riverside or FQ, and even small compared to the Roaring Forks at WL. And the service was super S L O W.

Olivia’s Cafe, on the otherhand, the full service restaurant, was wonderful and had excellent food and service.

The bus makes 5stops, on the way back from the parks, with the Hospitality House being last, Peninsular Road being first. After our first loop, we made the decision to get off at Peninsular Road. It took us 10 minutes to get to our room from the bus stop, which was much better than sitting on the bus for another 20 minutes.:eek:

On the way to the parks, however, Hospitality House is the last stop, so we were always last on, and didn’t have to take that awful loop, which was a good thing, because you want to get to the parks right away, especially in the summer.:mellow:

Crowds were really crazy. We could not believe it. I think they were actually worse than last year. We were not prepared for that.


oh yippee! a TR to kkep me entertained at work today! :ph34r: Love how you surprised the boys… what a wonderful way to wake up!


Ok, back to the trip.

When we did make it back to our room, we found our luggage waiting for us, so that was a nice surprise. Next morning, we had AK on the agenda, and a lunch at the Yak & Yeti.

We headed straight for Kilimanjaro safaris, waited in line for fast passes behind the world’s most important man,(this guy was such a jerk,he was bossing around everybody he was with, and then he was rude to everyone in line, I don’t know how he ever got married, but then again, there’s someone for everyone) rode the safari, and then, got on Kali River right after, so that if we did get wet, we would have the rest of the day to dry off. This proved to be good thinking. :happy:

Some pictures from the safari. I am not a professional, please keep that in mind.




More giraffes