And so it is asked . . .again


DW and I are trying to plan our “Date Night” for our coming trip. As of now we are booked for a 7:15ADR for the Concourse Steakhouse. I am going over it again and again and I am not sure this is “special” enough. We have date night scheduled for evening EMH at MK and thought the Concourse offered something nice BUT close to MK. Frankly enjoying a special night with the misses is more important than anything to me on our date. We are the “meat and potato type” though, and I want to go dressed to commando the EMH.

What would you suggest? No fish. The menu has to be “normal” we aren’t the overly gourmet type. Any tips? At this point we are taken care of but I am hoping something will sway me otherwise.


…mmmmm… meat…

Although it’s a family place, I don’t think 'Ohana would be a terrible choice. DH and I had our own little table next to a window, and it felt very romantic. Of course, we weren’t far from the flames so I guess it was kinda like an excess of candlelight…

Still, no dress code. It’s a thought.


What about California Grill? I know it’s a bit shee-shee (or however you spell that), but they’ve got some good meat and potatoes underneath all of those “extras.” And it certainly is romantic!!


Pecos Bill’s in Frontierland is nice. :tongue:

I think Concourse is a good choice without upgrading to signature dining.


Concourse Steakhouse should be fine. Plus the monorail goes past so often, you begin to not notice it.


Hmm, Kona Cafe in the Poly has really, really good food. The atmosphere is nice though not over the top romantic or anything, but I would say the atmosphere compares to Concourse Steakhouse pretty well. Because Concourse is near Chef Mickey’s it can be a little loud.

I think you will be great whatever you choose, but it is worth taking a look at Kona’a menu!


Do you want to definately be close to the MK for dinner?
Or would you consider starting off at one of the other parks?


Kona is nice, quiet, and the food is good (try the coconut chicken). But it’s not “special,” nor is it super romantic.

What about CRT for dinner? It’s not a character meal at that time, and I don’t know if the menu has been changed, but we found the lunch menu delicious pre-character meal.