And you to Buzzlightyear!


Hey Buzz, you might want to shine that suit of yours up! Almost time to move dem feet!! :happy: :happy:


Thanks for noticing Franco!!

My suit is ready and I’m so excited about this trip I may have to go and get a new pair of dancin’ shoes!

3 days till single digits!!!


Congrats Buzz… but…it looks like I am going to beat you there by about two whole hours! I will soon be dancing too! :mickey:


YAY!!! Hey Mark, where are you staying? PalMickey and I are both staying at SSR…will you be there too? :mickey:


We’ll be over at the Boardwalk.
SSR looks great!
Heres to low crowds and great weather!!


AHH!!! Three days till your big dance! I am SO EXCITED for you! I know how much planning went into your trip and can’t wait to hear every detail when you get home…that’s a hint for a very, detailed TR…lol


I can’t wait to hear all about the Boardwalk - we would LOVE to stay there someday!! :heart:


I’ll second that!

I am so excited about this trip, it will be a short one but I can’t wait to get home! :mickey:


Wa-hoo!! I’m so excited for you guys!! I’ll be waiting for three great trip reports in about four weeks’ time! Have so much fun!!


You are down to just hours now! I’m so excited for you, I can’t wait to hear about your trip when you get back. Have a great time!!!


You got it!
I’ll have my notebook in hand all week.