And...the honeymooners are booked!


Welp, we finally decided!
After some serious debating…we decided to go with…
Port Orleans French Quarter! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

When it came down to it, we really just couldn’t beat the price…with the exeception of souvenirs and stuff…our trip is totally paid for!!
Gotta love that dining plan!

Now…if only the next 4 months would hurry up and pass!!!


I can’t wait!!! WOOHOO!!!

How are those wedding plans, Bella???

I bet you can’t wait for the big day!! I can’t wait to see pictures.


YAY!!! I am so excited for you two little LOVEBIRDS! :wub: :wub: :wub: Four months is going to go by sooooooooooooo QUICK! :happy: :heart:


Yeah it will go by in no time. Yay for disney honeymooners!


And you only have…51 DAYS!!! :wub: :wub:


Yeah Bella! October will be here in a flash! I was wondering how your plans were coming.


But gosh mine is dragging by since I’m not planning a wedding :laugh:


Bella, is it my immagination, or have you been missing for a while?


I was thinking the same thing…

Aww - POFQ is so romantic. :wub: And how great to have it all paid for! Congratulations!


Awwww…we’ll be there the same week… (I think our counters are different though :unsure: )

I vow to give you lots of privacy :wub:


Congrats Bella, POFQ is so romantic and charming, you both will love it. I’m with Erin, can’t wait to here more about how your plans are coming. These next four months will fly by and your big day will be here before you know it.


Bella, I am so excited for you!!! Give us all the details, how long are you staying for? Are you going to make any special or romantic dinners like Victoria & Alberts or anything?

CONGRATS!!! You only have 134 days, you are as good as there!!!


Congratulations! We did WDW for our honeymoon too, but that was, gulp, 19 years ago this June. Even with all the people, its a very romantic place to spend your honeymoon! Let the countdown begin…


Sounds wonderful! We need some more wedding details!


I have been a little MIA! I am sorry—it seems like I have had approximatley 8 million things to for work, 8 million things to do once I am at home (cook, clean etc), 8 million places to go (cousins wedding, friends gradutaing from college, friends bayshower, another friends bachlorette party, another friends Bridal shower) and another 8 million things to do for the wedding…bridal gown fittings, shoe shopping, etc…etc)…so I was checking in everyday, but not really having a lot of time to sit and post :frowning:

But no worries…this weekend I have NOTHING to do except sit by the pool…and we have wireless internet…so…I’ll bring DC with me!

Wedding plans are going well!!! I will update the wedding thread sometime this weekend…I have done a lot a lot!!! SOO much really!

Thanks for worrying about me though, it makes Bella feel loved…now I am just totally jazzed the honeymoon is booked!!!


YAY! That is sooooo exciting! I think POFQ will be an AWESOME resort for your honeymoon! :wub: It looks so romantic!

I hope the next 4 months fly by for you!!

P.S. I think I’m seriously missing you, DC buddy. :huh: Last night I dreamt I was traversing the country trying to find you!! :laugh:


Congrats to you both! Yes, hurry those 4 months…if you hurry them, my trip will come faster too. :angel:


How exciting. Time will fly.


Ohhh goodness!! I forgot this part…well…we have
7 nights and a 6 day MYW Park Hopper passes…we’ll be leaving the day after we get married, and we’ll be driving (The Dave hates flying…AND it seems kind of pointless to fly since we live about 7 hours away) and we have the dining plan!
I made our ressies awhile back but we are doing Kona Cafe (for breakfast), Ohana, Le Cellier, Les Chefs de France, Rose and Crown, Raglan Road and Tony’s Town Square…nothing terribly snazzy because it’s just not our style yet…although I am very much looking forward to Les Chefs de France!!
And we’re probaly going to book a carriage ride!!
Now, I know there is a way but I can’t remember how to purchase Bride and Groom ears before we go…hmm


Congrats Bella! Sounds wonderful!

Don’t forget the lovely and romantic boat ride from POFQ to DTD. If you go after dark, and sit in the back of the boat, it’s beautiful, and quiet and romantic!