Angelica greet and meet Info


Angelica, from the new POTC movie,will start doing meet and greets April 15 in Adventureland. Because she is coming to Adventureland, Goofy will have his meet and greet moved to Frontierland at the exit of Splash Mountian.


Dang it Diz I’M supposed to be the one that post the latest in characters :tongue: :laugh:


Sorry Rowdy to step on your toes. :blush:


So, what do Goofy and Angelica not play nice together that they can’t share the sandbox :laugh:


Crowd control. It’s that simple.


I love me some Penelope.


Why do I not know who any of these people are?:huh: (except Goofy, of course).


Me too. I am guessing it is a new character from the new POTC movie.


Many people who think like me simply don’t care about the Pirates movie franchise beyond how it adds to the bottom line of Disney profits:pirate:


You gots it. Angelica is the new character from the next Pirates movie!


I thought we saw glimpses of Angelica in the first movie? Wasn’t she the chick that yelled at Sparrow for stealing her boat, and remains around for the rest of the movie? Or was that not her name?


After the first movie, I kind of lost interest…


At least the rest were better than the Eddie Murphy Haunted Mansion movie.




I WANTED to like them…they were just so confusing to me…:huh:


Nope. Her name was Anna Maria. She formed her own crew after the end of the first film. Didn’t see her again.


Saw a clip from the new movie and I didn’t know who was playing Angelica(Black Beard’s daughter) until seeing it and now knowing Penelope Cruz is playing the role then I want to be first in the line to meet the character. :pirate:


Too bad that honor went to whomever met her first earlier this week :tongue:


This is what I found on Youtube. I had to research because I didn’t know who Angelica was…

YouTube - Angelica from Pirates of the Caribbean 4 Meet & Greet Magic Kingdom 4/12/11 Walt Disney World


I suppose if I have a johnny depp lookalike to swoon over, there should be someone for the hubby??

Who am I kidding!? I am so not letting him ogle her!!! :laugh::laugh::laugh: