Animal Kingdom DVC Concierge - Worth it?


Hello. I was checking out some sites and found that for extra points (of course) there is AKV Concierge ressies available.
Has anyone done this? Was it worth the extra points?
Any detail would be appreciated. :phone:


I just booked the AKV concierge for Nov 08. I would be very interested to hear people’s opinions of this upgrade too!


I saw photos of Boardwalk concierge room, and it seemed much bigger than a standard. Maybe it was an optical illusion, but if the concierge rooms at all the resorts (including AKL) are bigger, I would consider it!

Here is a link so yo can check out the rooms and see if the AKL concierge rooms look better to you!

Animal Kingdom Lodge Photos

Also, here is a lnk to reviews of the concierge AKL experience:

AllEarsNet.COM Review Page - Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge Concierge - Powered by ReviewPost

Good luck with your decision! I am interested to hear what yo uend up doing!


I read that not all DVC concierge rooms have a savanna view. It is 50/50 between savanna and pool view and even if you request a savanna there is no guarantee you will get it when you check in. Also, that the savanna view is not a good savanna view being that you are 5-6 floors up and that it is on a part of the savanna where there are not alot of animals to be seen. :huh:
So would it be worth it to go concierge if you may not get a savanna view?
Has anyone stayed on the DVC Concierge floors & had a savanna view?

I also read with the DVC concierge accomodations you get daily housekeeping just like staying in a “regular” room.
Is this true? :confused:


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I LOVE Congierge levels rooms… I will alway try to book them. They make the trip so much better.


Thank you for the welcome! I was told when I booked the AKV concierge room that it did include housekeeping services daily.

If the rooms are a pool view, or are 5-6 floors up, I would seriously reconsider my reservation. I wouldn’t think the extra points would be worth it.

Thanks too, Miss Disney for the links; very helpful!