Animal Kingdom Lodge - How do you get an upgrade?


Going next week :smile:, have a savannah room booked, but read about people getting upgrades to deluxe savannah rooms. Who do you call or is a regular savannah room good enough:confused:?


Getting an upgrade is just luck, you can ask at check in but it’s still just luck. We have been upgraded at WL our last two trips w/o asking, it’s great but I never plan on it.


The regular savannah rooms are fabulous trust me. I don’t know if you are concerned about space, room quality, etc… but my husband and I (no children) have stayed in a savannah room twice and it is BEAUTIFUL! My suggestion for an upgrade would be to kindly inquire at check-in, you will mostly likely have greater success if you are visiting during a slow or moderate time. AKL is my ABSOLUTE favorite resort so I love to hear when people are staying there.


You can always ask if there are any upgrades available when you check in. It can’t hurt to ask. Honestly, the savannah rooms are gorgeous and an upgrade isn’t even necessary. The only time I think it’s essential is when you booked standard and want savannah. I have stayed there twice and loved it both times. You are going to love that resort.


Just ask and your wish just may be granted. We booked parking lot view and got upgraded to the most wonderful savannah view I could imagine. I cant imagine any view would have been better than that one. If you dont get your comp. upgrade you wont be ripped off with your view.


I agree, it never hurts to ask. We were upgraded to a deluxed savannah room last May at AKL, but, from what I’ve seen, a regular Savannah view would do just as well, the deluxe is just a bit roomier. You’ll have a wonderful stay either way.


Just as eveyone says, just ask when you check in. It has worked for me… Good luck!! :flowers: JOANN :mickey:


Good Luck!
Hope you get that upgrade.


Savannah view IMHO is pretty much the same as deluxe, really not much of a size difference. Savannah is great, you will love it.


Thank you to all who replied… About 7 days to go and we are so excited!!!


DH and I stayed at AKL in a Savannah view room back in 03 and you are going to love it. I read on the DC that the “deluxe” savannah rooms really arent that much different other than a little more room. So even if you dont get the upgrade you are going to love the view and resort…
AKL is our favorite resort also with the POLY running very close behind…



Thanks again!!!