Animal Kingdom Lodge or Wilderness Lodge?


If you had to decide on one or the other to stay at which one would it be? What would some of the pros and cons be of both?


For me it would have to be WL. We have stayed there once and if I could afford it I would stay there many times again. It is a stunning resort and truly magnificent to see. AKL is also a lovely looking resort to see but personally I found it just too dark and dismal and too far out from everything ( obviously bar AK!). I like going there for coffee or to look around their shop…which is great BTW. But WL has it all for me. Closeness and coolness. :happy:


I love both resorts, but the presence of the animals on the Savannah at AKL tips the scale in favor of that one. I just love looking out and watching a giraffe having breakfast in the morning!

On the pro side for Wilderness Lodge, it’s closer to Magic Kingdom, so if you have young children that may be a better bet. It also has two of the best restaurants in WDW IMHO - Whispering Canyon and Artist’s Point


WL all the way.


Oh, that is SOOOOOOOOOO hard to decide!

I looooooooove the WL, but the ANIMALS at AKL! Beautiful!

I can’t decide, either!


WL all the way!!!


I think if I was going near the holidays, I’d stay at WL. Otherwise, I think AKL is so exotic and cool it would be worth going to.

Also, transportation is a consideration. AKL is pretty far out on the edge of property and WL is right by MK. You have the option of taking a boat to MK from WL.


I’ve stayed at both and loved them both! I would choose WL over AKL now only because my kids are still young and the commute to the parks is way easier from WL (unless you’re going to the AK, then that’s a no brainer). Could you try to split your trip, we’ve done that and been able to experience 2 places during one stay (although it is a chore to pack and unpack again). Being able to watch the animals from your window is quite an experience. We’ll stay again when I’m not lugging strollers around with me.


We loved AKL! It beautiful, exotic and unique to all others with the animals. I loved waking up with a cup of coffee on my balcony and watching the animals eat their breakfast. A unique experience you have to try.

I will be staying at WL in Sept. so I will be able to best compare the 2 when I get back…but I don’t think you will make a mistake where ever you decide.


Our family has stayed at both, but my personal choice is the AK. I just love it there. The transportation is great. AK shares the bus with no other resort. For me that’s a plus… Don’t get me wrong the WL is also nice, and as someone said if you have small children, you are very close by boat to the Magic Kingdom. Good Luck!!! JOANN:mickey: :flowers: Again both beautiful resorts… Which ever you choose I am sure you will love!!!


Thanks for all the input. We are going to stay at the AKL because we are only there for 4 days and Animal Kingdom will be one of our priorities so we can see Everest Expedition for the first time. My son is 12 so I think he may enjoy the animals more.


AKL pros :
Great theme
beautiful resort grounds and rooms
ANIMALS outside your window!!
cool restaurants on site
great gift shop
Love the pool area
don’t share busses with any other resort

AKL cons:
far from everything (doens’t really matter their transportation rocks!)
rooms are a bit on the small side
rooms are darkish
room are really far from the guest services, but who cares.

WL pros:
All the same as AKL cept for the animals, but they have that quick boat access to the MK

sharing buses…it’s annoying

Hoenstly it depends on where you spend most of your time. If you are going to be at the MK park often, go to WL. If you see each of the parks and your family is into animals, then AKL. You can’t go wrong with either.


I would vote AKL.

I don’t have good reasons to back up my vote, though. I have never stayed at either one. But I :heart: both of them and it would be REALLY hard to choose!

I think I would choose AKL mostly because you can’t have anything that spectacular outside your window at WL! :happy:


I love the animal kingdom lodge because the animals. And i hope our family will stay in this hotel.:mickey:


I think you will be happy with your AKL stay. We stayed there for the 1st time in May and I loved it !!! it is so beautiful, way better than I could have ever imagined.


Everytime I go to WDW I make sure to stop at AKL, just for the sake of remembering the great times I had there.
I love the architecture and design of the place. I love the hallways. The space. The pool. The feeling that you are somewhere other than in the middle of Florida.
Just the sound of the music outside at night brings back great memories. I hope to be able to stay there again some time.

I’d love to try WL, but there’s something about AKL that always draws me back – and it’s not even the animals!


i wish that Animal Kingdom Lodge will make more room.