Animal kingdom lodge storytelling


I will be staying at the animal kingdom lodge Jan 29th-Feb3. Does anyone know what time storytelling begins by the pit. I am trying to make dinner reservations and don’t want a conflict. Much Thanks!!!


Sorry…I don’t have an answer for ya…just wanted to say WELCOME! :happy:


Why don’t you try calling the Resort. I have done that on occaision when I had specific time questions. Welcome to DC!


Thanks, I’ll try to call tomorrow!


I’m going next week, I can get back to you after my trip if you still need some help. Just let me know if you still need an anwser. :smile:


First of all, Welcome to DC! Secondly, I believe that storytelling at AKL begins at 7 pm around the outside firepit.


We may be there at the same time!!


We will be there Dec. 11-14, not a long trip but a quickie for the holidays. When are you going to be there?


We’ll just miss you. Dec. 18-23


Darn, I can post something when we return, but that does not give you much time to change any dinner reservations. Maybe the best bet is to just call the resort. Good luck, hope you have a great time, we can not wait, here, only two more days!