Animal Kingdom Lodge


I will be staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge for the first time. Any tips, secrets and advice?

Thank you… :wub:


When Bali sees this she can REALLY fill you in…she is an expert on AKL - Have a great time - it looks beautiful! :wub:


AKL is DEFINATELY my favorite resort. I could go on FOREVER about all the hidden gems in the resort and the WEALTH of information that all of the CMs there hold but my biggest and best piece of advice I could give you about AKL is to PLEASE take PLENTY of time to explore everything there. It’s really endless.

This link may also really help you… these are the reviews that your fellow DC members wrote on the AKL.


OOOPS! I forgot…Wishy is an expert on AKL, too! :heart:


I don’t know much about AKL myself, but I would definately look into the Sunrise Kilamjaro safari…but I believe it may only be for concierge level guests…I’m sure someone here could fill you in.


Thanks for the vote of confidence, AF! I’ve only stayed at AKL once, but I must like it so much I talk about it all the time! We’re headed back there in May for a long weekend and I can’t wait!!

AKL is beautiful, and Wish is right–the CMs there are great to talk to! They’re so knowledgeable and full of stories of their home countries. I could easily spend an entire vacation at the resort!! Be sure to book dinner at Boma, settle in for some storytelling in the evening around the firepit, and enjoy the views!!


AKL - this is the place that got my family hooked on WDW vacations…so be carefull.

I would suggest a room on the lobby level, which I believe is actually the 3rd floor. It’s a perfect height for viewing the animals, and quick to get back out to the busses without having to use the elevators/stairs.


Be sure to have your kids pick up a list of hidden mickeys at guest services. It is like a scavenger hunt and will keep the kids out of your hair for awhile. Plus, if they find them all and go to the gift shop with the list they get some kind of prize. There is a storyteller at the firepit on most nights and they also have talks in the evening about Africa by the CM’s who come from each country there. Beware of the kids activities by the pool in less you are prepared to shell out $$. They kind of lure the kids there and then they want about $10 to do a craft. Definitely go to Boma for dinner, it is yummy.


WHAT? I’ve never seen them charge for the activities. I’ve seen them do mosaics out of ostrich shells, make cookies, a giraffe ornament, etc… and I’ve never seen them charge?!?


Thank you so much for all the great information, keep it coming…is the savana room worth the extra $$$$?


When we went last summer they were doing crafts near the pool, making some sort of little puppet/doll thing and my daughter asked to go but when I found out it costs 10 dollars I said no/ :crying:


I have stayed at AKL twice and must say that it is one of my favorties of all time. I have no tips other than to just enjoy the theme and the animals. Deinfately try for the savannah room if you aren’t booked in one and try for the Zebra Trail. That is one the best areas in my opinion. Behind the pool area is another animal look out point and you will see all kinds of animals hiding out. That area seems like it’s a hang out…cute. You are going to be thrilled with your stay and want to go back again. Have a great trip and please let us all know how your stay went.