Animal Kingdom Lodge


We stayed at the AKL during Columbus Day weekend and all I can say is it’s my new favorite resort…

By far.

Even though it rained from the moment we showed up throughout the entire drive home, it did not put a damper on our long weekend one bit. Well, I suppose we weren’t able to do the roasting of the marshmallows, listen to African folk tales & view the animals with the night vision goggles thanks to the heavy rain, but we still LOVED it.

In fact, 80% of the time we just sat on our balcony drinking (my) blue magic margaritas, champaign & beer while watching the animals interact in the rain.

To a good portion of my family and friends, they thought that sounded boring but it was fantastic! The time flew by while we watched (and laughed at the antics of some of) the various birds, zebras, giraffes, wildebeest, etc… Plus we booked the Arusha view (thanks to many of you & your recommendations) and it was well worth the money.

The lodge itself is amazing, Boma is excellent for dinner (a cast member totally hooked us up and we were treated like Kings & Queens) but please, STAY AWAY FOR BREAKFAST! Anything is better than breakfast at Boma’s.

I’m not kidding… Even a yogurt from a gas station is better…

But we tried Jiko’s for the first time as well and (as I mentioned in another thread) it is THE best WDW dining experience we have ever had.



And yes, we still have Victoria & Albert’s plus Citricos to go… But until we try those two, Jiko’s is numero uno.

So overall, we completely fell in love with the AKL. It is the best resort, ever.
But keep in mind, the monorail line is not a big deal for us because we don’t mind driving to the parks.

And, we did not leave the resort for 1 second. So based on the resort & the resort alone, it’s the best. :mickey:

And yes, we have never stayed at the Contemporary, the Polynesian nor the Grand Floridian… But the Contemporary is basically a “Hotel” and while I’m sure the GF is amazing as well (which we’re booking soon), I don’t think it will come close to watching animals from your balcony.

One last thing. If you book an Arusha room, make sure to get a second or third floor room! Anything higher would hinder the view. I requested a 2nd floor room but they gave me a 3rd floor room with the option of coming back if we didn’t like it. And the 3rd floor was fine… But, anything higher would not have worked for us…


We also love AKL for the same reasons you mentioned. The resort just seems so peaceful to us. We are dvc so we would have a higher floor in the main lodge, but we thought it was ok. I’ve said if there was a resort that I had to be stuck in, I’d pick AKL.


Sounds like a perfect weekend to me :slight_smile:


I would love to hear more about your experience with Jiko… one of the few places on my list that I have yet to dine at.


I really like AKL and have stayed there many times.
I just prefer not being landlocked.
That’s the biggest reason I lean toward WL.

Jiko is nice and they have an on stage kitchen area with some seating.
Dinner and a show!

Papa, why are you warning away from breakfast at Boma?
It has been one of my favorites, though we haven’t been to WDW since December.
Is it really that bad, or did something just go horribly wrong?


I love AKL! We didn’t even have a full Savannah room and still loved. We were in the corner of the lodge but could still see the animals…I would love to just go and hang out during cooler weather…it was a little warm to sit outside during the summer. Also, the pool area was really crowded in August.


OMG I Love Boma breakfast! The bowbeti (sp?)is awesome and I still think about it! I love the frunch too!

I have never stayed at AKL but I am glad you had a wonderful time!



[QUOTE=lisalovesmickey;1093598] OMG I Love Boma breakfast! The bowbeti (sp?)is awesome and I still think about it! I love the frunch too!

I’m awaiting Papa’s reply about what went wrong at breakfast.


AKL is a beautiful resort,
Being ex-military I found it extremely funny that at Kidani they’ve gone to lableling things like pipes etc the way we did in the Navy. One of the neat things about Kidani is that you park in covered parking directly under the hotel.
Also interesting, at least to me, was that Dis didnt make an effort to pixie dust the parking underneath and instead went with a very Spartan uncovered look for piping and wiring. This is by no means a degrading comment, just something I feel is out of character for the World.

Also dont forget to go to the evening “Learn to play the drums” classes. It was fantastic!


So glad to hear your review of Jiko, we’re eating there the first night of our spring break trip.


I have worked in building construction for fire systems here in las vegas and the labeling of pipes is code no matter where you go. I’m sure they would rather hide it but most likely figures it is in a garage. But the labels must be there.


Sorry about that. Yesterday, I had to fly from Tampa to Seattle, and then drive 2 1/2 hours to Yakima… So needless to say, it was a LONG travel day. :pinch:

As I mentioned, dinner at Boma’s was fantastic, everything ran smoothly and the lines moved along. But during breakfast, we showed up 15 min early before our scheduled ADR’s, and we ended up waiting an hour before they actually sat us. In my entire experience of dining at Disney, I have never waited THAT long beyond my scheduled reservation. Even though we were starving, we were patient and blew it off.

Next, when we were finally seated, we waited at least 15 minutes for our server to show up to ask us for our drinks. That’s pretty much all a server needs to do at Boma, is take a drink order and bring over the drinks (aside from refills, and bringing a check because they have bussers picking up the used plates).

Then, we proceeded to wait in very long lines for pretty much anything and everything. Carved meat, the various eggs & breakfast meats, and the longest line of them all, the omelette line. What surprised me about the omelette line was the fact that with all of the kitchen help available, they had only one gentleman cooking up omelettes! You would think that management would notice the 20+ people waiting in line and in order to alleviate said lines, they would put more people on the omelette station!

And to top it off, there were quite a few people trying to cut the line by acting ignorant. “Oh, I didn’t realize that was the line!”

I actually had a run in with an older gentleman trying to do the same thing and he ended up getting in line behind me (which surprisingly, the gentleman behind me didn’t say a word).

Finally, when we had wrapped up with our respective breakfasts, we waited, and waited, and waited for the server to acknowledge our existence to bring us the damage (we basically gave up on the notion of a refill of our beverages). And we were not the only ones. Everyone in the lady’s section was doing the same thing… Waiting on their bill! We all started making comments about it and after maybe 20 minutes or so, she finally made her grand appearance and took another 15 to 20 minutes to bring back the final receipt (I paid via cc).

Because I used my Tables in Wonderland, she received her 18% and I wish TIW would allow one the ability to reduce the gratuity amount… Because she deserved no more than 10%!

So while the food quality itself was good (not awesome like Spoodles used to be), we hated breakfast at Boma’s because the entire restaurant operations was completely unorganized, unlike dinner at Boma’s. And I have eaten at 1900 PF as well as Cape May where both were completely “insane” but yet very well organized… So I have only those two buffet breakfasts spots to base this experience off of…

So never again… :dry:


[QUOTE=lisalovesmickey;1093598]OMG I Love Boma breakfast! The bowbeti (sp?)is awesome and I still think about it! I love the frunch too!


I agree, the Bobotie IS good! During breakfast they use turkey and during dinner, they use beef (and lamb I think???). We preferred the dinner version but both were really good!


So glad to hear you love AKL. We absolutely LOVE Jambo House. One time I attempted to book BLT and both teenage boys were totally disappointed, wanting only to stay at AKV. I get the staying on the balcony for hours and watching the animals. It is so interesting slowing down to their pace and watching their actions. Love doing this at night.

As far as the breakfast, I’m thinking that is a fluke. We were there just this past September, and service was excellent. I’m hoping you will give it another try sometime.