Animal Kingdom or CBR?


We are planning our trip for Feb 2005 and were set on staying at the CBR. We have been looking on the WDW site and are considering the AKL instead. We know that it is a deluxe as opposed to a moderate but the price difference is not too too much if we choose a standard room. My question is this- How are the standard rooms at AKL? How are the views? Any suggestions in regards to room locations? Is a standard room at AKL better than water view at CBR? We have stayed at CBR so many times and we love it but we are a little unsure about AKL. Any suggestions?? :huh:


AKL I heard was awesome, but kind of only if you get the Savannah view. It seems to me that you went to CBR many times, so why not try something new and go to AKL? I’m not sure of the views, I know that the Savannah view is a view of animals (giraffes, zebras, maybe even lions…) and is seems pretty cool.


We going in Nov and staying at two resorts. Three at the Grand F then two at AKL. I hope to stay at every resort within Ten years. How long is you trip? Tina


AKL hands down!!! We stayed at CBR last year and not big fans of the moderates. AKL is beautiful and the fact that everything is in 1 building is so much more convenient. We’re staying at AKL for the second time this year and it’s the first time we’re staying at a resort for the second time. We LOVE it there. We eat every year at Boma and when we get off the bus we think “WE’RE HOME”. Last time we had the Savannah view which was amazing but we discovered that there are so many viewing areas that this time we have a pool view. There are viewing areas on every floor with big rocking chairs. AKL has a lot of nooks and crannies. The pool is our favorite so far. If you enjoy atmosphere, then this is the place for you. Tons and Tons of atmosphere throughout the entire resort.
The only downfall for us that the resort does not have any walking paths or a water area to rent boats. We were told by a CM that it’s because Africa is a very dry country and water is hard to find so they opted out of the lake.


We are staying for ten days?


If you can afford the price difference, book a standard view at AKL. When you check in ask about an upgrade to a savannah view. Even if you don’t get the upgrade, you will still love the resort. It is a fantastic resort. And as mentioned, everything is in one building. You won’t be disappointed.


I’ve stayed at the AKL several times and there really is not a bad room. 90% of the rooms are savanah views of one sort or another. Meaning you might look straight out off your balcony or look to the left or right to see the animals. But there are so many viewing areas to see the animals you won’t have to look very hard. You’ll love the AKL, and the food is not bad either. Have a Magical vacation! Joe


We had a pool view, which was beautiful!
Everything from the size of the room, to the bath towels are nicer.
Even CBR is great to!


Animal Kingdom Lodge hands down. No comparrison to the beauty of that resort. I loved waking up to the animals in the savannah.


Ten days WOW. I don’t think I could put up with my kids for that long. :noo: I would love to go for that long. Five days are what we usually do. Think about doing two resorts, that way you don’t feel like you’ve missed anything :flowers: . Tina


If you are unsure of AKL, go visit it your next trip. We did just that and decided we didn’t like AKL. That way, we didn’t waste $. I recommend that you take a day or so on your next trip and visit the other hotels that you may be interested in. Nothing like seeing up close rather than through a web site or brochure. As for CBR, need I say more?


AKL, most definately.

One of the huge benefits of the Standard rooms (parking lot view as they are also called) is that you are very close to transportation. I had to hoof to the far end of one of the wings while recovering from a broken ankle and it would take me 20-30 minutes to get back to our standard savannah view room. It’s a long walk back there anyways. The pool view is very lovely, and some of the most underrated rooms in my opinion are first floor pool view - walk out of your sliders and have instant access to pool, arcade, restaurants, laundry, etc. It’s great!


I heard animal kingdom lodge was totally out of the way compared to where the theme parks are and that it takes a long time to get to the parks because of its location. I could be completely wrong but its what heard lol


The AKL is (by bus) about 15 to 20 min. to MK, 10 to 15 to Epcot, 5 to 10 min to MGM, and 2 to 4 min to AK. It’s actually closer to AK, MGM, and Epcot than any MK resort. Joe


It is a far away off, but you arent sharing transportation with anyone. I found AKL’s transportation to be better than that of WL and AS.


I agree Dana. You don’t stop at any other resort. We never had a long wait for a bus. It was great.


How excited are you right now with only 15 hours to go?? Where are you guys staying? Have fun, let us know how it went!!! :rolleyes: :mickey: