Animal Kingdom or Wilderness Lodge?


HELP me pick a resort…I have stayed at AKL and LOVED every single ounce of it but we were thinking about staying someplace different this year. Wilderness Lodge is about $200 more for the week. Please, if you ever stayed at both, tell me what you think. I know the boat to MK must be a hudge convenience but other then that I can’t find a big difference. I have to decide soon.HELP


Remy – gosh, you are picking between two beautiful resorts and you will lvoe them both. But if it were our family, and we had been at AKL already, and I had $200 to spend, I would totally try the WL. It’s so incredible!


I’d spend the extra and try the WL. We’ve stayed there and if you like the AKL, then you will like the WL. The food court is a bit small and selective, but the Whispering Canyon Restaurant is a lot of fun. The boat to the MK is a huge perk - I’m up for any resort that has some alternate trasportation to the bus system! WL is more centrally located so transportation doesn’t take as long (a huge bonus if you have small kids!!) Both resorts have beautiful pools but the WL has a beach area which is a nice change from the pool once in a while - If I remember correctly AKL doesn’t have a beach.

Both are great resorts, you won’t go wrong either way. Go for a new experience you never know, you might end up finding a new favorite!!


If given the (tough!) choice between the two, I would pick WL.

We would have picked it if we had the option for our trip this May, but only AKL was available. So Disney made the decision for us! :happy: lol


We have stayed at both and although WL is nice, close to the MK etc I would have to pick AKL. I just love the whole resort so much more than WL and I love being so close to all the animals, and finally Boma is one of our favorite places to eat.
You have stayed at AKL allready, then I would say try WL that way you know which one you like better. Either way no matter which resort you pick I dont think that you are going to be disappointed.


I haven’t stayed at AKL, and I would like to try it for the sake of having the experience of being able to view the animals from the lodge. Still, I would take the WL first,because I have stayed there and loved it. The theming is terrific, the atmosphere is peaceful, WC is lotsa fun, and Artist Point is a very good restaurant. Having the launch, the beach and being able to view the Electrical Water Pageant at night also adds to my enjoyment.


The WL and AKL have exactly the same price structure, so if your room is going to be $200 more for the week ($20 per night plus tax) you’re getting a slightly better room at WL.
That said, I like WL better than AKL because it’s on the water while AKL is land locked. That’s just me. Many people like AKL because of the animals. I also like WL more because it is a Disney version of the Old Faithful Inn in Yellowstone.
Amenity wise, both are exactly the same.


A reminder, there is no swimming allowed from any beach on WDW property.


[QUOTE=Soundgod;933694] if your room is going to be $200 more for the week ($20 per night plus tax) you’re getting a slightly better room at WL.

I’m not completely convinced this is true. Multiple times over the last year when DH and I were looking into booking either WL or AKL (online), WL almost always came up slightly more expensive than AKL. (A few dollars per night; approximately $100 or so more for the week.) We double and triple checked that we were looking at the same room types, same dates, everything.

We noticed the same thing a few times with moderates as well; same room/bed type, same dates, yet some moderates would come up a few dollars more than others for the identical package.

Anyway…that’s just my personal experience. The differences were totally nominal when you’re talking about a week vacation, but it was never exactly the same for some odd reason.


I love love LOVE the AKL and have stayed there several times but if I was given the chance to stay over at WL I think Id take it! I like experiencing the new resorts and seeing what they have to offer! Ive heard nothing but great things about WL so Id say if you can do it for the extra $$$ then go for it!


I’ve stayed at both and love them both. I think making the choice depends on where you want to be located. We find that AKL is only close to AK whereas WL is kinda centrally located. It’s a boatride to the MK and if you have a car, you’re close to a lot more. We love both places like I said, but have chosen WL while my son was small just for convenience. That said, we’re staying 7 nights at AKV this summer, so it is truly a tough choice.


We haven’t stayed at either but did take a tour of both and they are both beautiful. Since you stayed at AKL already I would go with the others and try WL.

Also, I think the Water Pagent Parade goes passed the WL and we were told you could rent a surry bike and go to Ft. Wilderness. FW also has stuff to do, night time bonfire and movie and petting zoo so it would be like two resorts for one. That’s if you had the time to explore FW while staying at WL.

Good luck choosing.


Thanks everyone for all the input and the majority rules- I booked WL bunkbed with a courtyard view. We are sooooo excited because we were able to get the buy 4 get 3 deal. They did not have any woods view left so I think that is why the difference of $200 is there. NOWWWWWW where do I request to stay with the courtyard view? When we stay at AKL I always request Zebra trail close to the elevator by the pool. I have no idea what to request at this resort. Like I said we are getting a courtyard view with bunk beds.


Great decision!!! I have no idea what room to request, since I’ve never stayed there. But I am sure you will love it!!!


I am partial to AKL - I love WL too, but AKL is so unique. However, if you’ve already stayed there a few times, and are up for trying something different, I’d pick WL for something new.

I personally think the transportation is a wash between them. Yes WL has the boat to MK but sometimes it takes forever to get one. But when it comes it is usually a quick and enjoyable ride. AKL is super close to AK which is nice. But both are about the same distance to Epcot/MGM, so to me its not a factor.

I’m sure you’ll be happy either way!


It’s been a while since we’ve stayed there (I think 3 years), so I can’t remember which room to request. I think you’re going to love it there! I tend to disagree with MickeyMcFizzle about the distance to other parks, but we usually rent a car and it’s never an issue. I don’t really use WDW transportation, so she may be right. The architect who designed WL also designed AKL, so you’re going to feel familiar there.


I haven’t stayed at both, just the Wilderness Lodge. But I suppose the decision can be based upon whether or not you want to be closer to the Magic Kingdom or the other parks. If its the other parks, then AKL might be the better choice. For my wife and I personally, we spent most of our time at Magic Kingdom and have stayed at the Wilderness Lodge, so we’d go with that choice.


Remy -
I think you made an excellent choice. We’ve stayed at AKL and loved it, but WL is way up on our list of “next resorts to try.” We’d like to go to all of them at some point, and haven’t repeated yet.
Enjoy your trip!


How are the boats to WL after the fireworks? Is it completely packed with a huge wait, or is it pretty reasonable? I ahve always wanted to hop on one of those boats, and I think it’d be a great end to an evening.