Animal Kingdom Questions


Hello fellow Mouse lovers,

I have a couple of questions regarding Animal Kingdom. (I have never been there, when I was last in WDW they were building it!)

When is the best time to ride the Safari? Everything I have read so far suggests first thing in the morning, however, I just read a review on All Ears and they said between 2:00pm - 3:00pm is best!?!?!?!:confused:

Also, how long does the ride take?

My initial thoughts were to do the safari, grab an Everest FP and then go to my Tusker House breakfast reservations at 10:00am…would I be better to make my TH ressie earlier?

Thanks in advance!


The ride on Kilmanjaro takes maybe 25 minutes or so, depending on the animals. If an animal is blocking the road, they will stop the truck and wait for it to move on.

Your plan to get the FPs for Everst is a good one, because they go fast!


We waited in line for over an hour for the safari last May. It was middle of the day so I don’t know how it would have been if we went in the a.m. or later than what we did. Then the truck in front of us broke down so that was another 1/2 hour wait to just move. It was worth it the wait in the end though. There was plenty of animals out!


Definately go to the safari first thing in the morning. EE is great but if you are there early you shouldn’t have any trouble getting a fast pass.


I second this for the safari. The animals were much more active and visible first thing because they’re all looking for breakfast. It was amazing!


I always do it last thing and the animals are tired looking. I always hav a plan on the parks. When I enter I start from the right and make my way around a circle. That way I dont feel like Im missing anything.


I would agree to go in the morning first thing for a couple of reasons
1 - the animals are more active in the morning before it gets hot
2 - the lines are usually shorter
3 -getting the FP is a great idea as EE does go very fast


Hi Sandra, welcome to Mousebuzz. I see you’re coming in Sept. so it’s going to be hot. For sure go on the Safari ride first. Then go get your EE fast past. Enjoy!!


Our last trip in Oct we did safris first then went to our 10am breakfast…wished we stop to get fast passes on the way! I think it’s the perfect schedule!


I agree about the morning. Its a bit cooler so they are a bit more active.


In 2004 my husband and I high-tailed it to the Safari first thing in the morning, there was no wait. My favorite part was seeing the lion lying up on this cliff that juts out and as we were passing he stood up and roared - it was AWESOME!

If you need a place to eat for lunch, try the Flame Tree Barbeque it’s really tasty.


We usually head for the safari first thing in the morning, it seems to be the best time. However, on our last trip, our safari driver recommended trying the ride about 30 minutes before the park closed, he said the animals would be on the move towards the housing for the evening. We did the last safari of the day as well, and that was a bust, didn’t see many animals at all.


I think your plan sounds good. Grab that FP early, they can run out quickly. I think the safari in the morning is the best time. The animals are usually more active then.


What we do is stop and grab an EE fastpass and then head over to the safari. You can always hang onto your fastpass and use it later in the day (yes, after the time slot), but those go fast and if you wait, there’s a chance your fastpass will be much later than you want to stay in AK. If the time has gone by, you can grab another one.


Your plans sound great. I always do the safari at different times because it is always different.


Last year, we high-tailed it to EE at park opening. The doors hadn’t even opened yet. We got FPs for later and we rode it. Then, we slowly made our way over to the Safari only to have a 25 minute wait, which turned out to actually be 40 minutes. And it wasn’t even that crowded in the park.


First thing is best for Safari we found and for food the Bar b Que place is really good too.


I have done the Safari first thing in the morning and the animals are definitely more active. Let’s just say that I had to do some explaining to my then 6 year old about what the lions were doing. All the adults got a big laugh out of it.


What we do is make our breakfast ADR for first thing in the morning, before the park opens. After breakfast (we are usually done before rope drop) we head straight to EE for a walk on ride and get a FP. Then high tail it to the Safari. This strategy has worked well for us but you have to be willing to get up real early.


Zoo animals are always most active first thing in the mornings and late in the afternoon. There are a few reasons for this. First in the mornings the animals have just been put out meaning there is fresh food and enrichment items scattered in their exhibits. They are more likely to be up moving looking for these food items. In the afternoons animals are getting ready for the end of the day. For the animals that spend the night in a barn they will start moving to where they are let in for the night. Yes animals do have an internal clock. For the animals that are left out during the night, they too know it is the end of the day but a keeper will becoming to drop off food.
Also higher temps equal lower humidity equals less movement.
Depending on when you go the cooler the weather the longer your morning window to view moving animals will be so don’t sweat it too much.