Animal Kingdom


Someone told me there was a new restaurant at Animal Kingdom. It is not Yak & Yeti or Tusker House, but is supposed to be a “nicer” eating place similar to them. I can’t find any information regarding a new eating place there. Anyone know anything about this?


The last sit down restaurant that I knew that they put there was Yak & Yeti


That’s what I thought…thanks!


Maybe they are confused with the new wild africa trek? Although I wouldn’t want to eat there lol.


Are you thinking of Sanaa, which is relatively new to the Animal Kingdom Lodge?


That’s the newest restaurant in the area.
Nothing new in the park since Yak and Yeti.


Is that a new restaurant? Could be that is what they were talking about…


I haven’t heard of a new restaurant… I might just have to do some research! :laugh:


Thinking it may be Sanaa…will have to check it out. WDWIG site has menus for WDW restaurants.


HEY YOU!! Nice to see you posting!!! I am going to agree with the group and think maybe the person has AKL and AK confused. No new sitdowns in AK except for Y&Y


Thanks Dana! I had surgery recently, so have been off work & have more time to be on Mousebuzz for the time being :slight_smile:
I am going with the AKL restaurant theory also.


Sanaa is relatively new…it had just opened when we were there last
March. It’s in Kidani Village - the DVC property at AKL. It’s suppose to be “African Influenced Indian Food”…well, other than the surroundings, which were sort of African looking, we didn’t taste any “African” influence. It tasted just like Indian food. Lots of curries. It was ok - I don’t think I’d go back.


Thanks for that info! Clarifies that I won’t plan on going there after reading your post. I’d prefer going to AKL & eating at one of those restaurants.


Mumsy, how can you only have 66 posts? I’m sure I’ve read more than that from you since 2004.
I’ll agree with Llama based only on the menus. It sure looks like it’s more Indian influenced.


Feels like I’ve been on here more, but I don’t monitor it like Mousebuzz does so will assume it is correct.
It (the menu) does appear to lean more toward Indian cuisine than African, so believe I am going to pass on dining there.