Animal kingom lodge help


We will be staying out the the resort this trip but we will be driving to animal kingdom park for one afternoon. Then we would like to go to the animal kingom lodge that eveing for dinner .

so my question is what is the best way to do this .

and would it be hard to park at the resort

Looking at Boma’s for dinner

thank you looking forward to my question:blush: :blush: :blush: :pirate: :pirate: :pirate: :pirate:


i don’t think you can technically park at the lodge and then go to the park, even if you plan to return to the lodge for dinner. i think you only have a set amount of time to park there if you are not staying/dining.

but…you can easily drive to AK, then when you are ready to go to boma, drive to the lodge. it’s not far, and i think will save you time by not worrying about buses, since you already have your car.

i would not leave your car at AK and take a bus to the lodge - depending on time of dinner, it may be tough to get a bus back to AK (it closes earlier than most parks) to get to your car.
just my 2 cents. have fun!!


sorry that is what i meant to say going to the park first then going over to the lodge for dinner . That was my thought as well emamasa not to leave the car at aminal kingdom park


yeah, i wouldn’t leave it at the park. when we went to AK, then to boma, our problem was that AK was closed when we were finished with dinner, so buses were an issue. i am not sure if you can get a bus to AK if it is closed. but, someone else may know for sure…if could happen.

I wouldn’t chance it though, it’s not a far drive, and then you don’t have the bus to worry abot at all. that’s one good thing about having a car!


I’d DEFINITELY drive from AK to AKL! It isn’t a far drive at all. Like Sarah said, you don’t want to chance not being able to get back to your car at AK!

You are going to L:heart: VE Boma! Are you going on a Wed or Sat night? That’s their special RIB night and boy are they yummy!:happy:


Emamsa did you have a problem parking at the resort for the short time you went


will be on a wed night


can’t wait for the Rib night


You won’t have trouble parking there for dinner at all.


You won’t be disappointed! I only eat ribs a couple of times a year and Boma happens to have some of the best I’ve eaten. Such flavor! YUM! (can ya tell I’m hungry?:laugh: )


thanks iluvwdw went to bonas once before durning the meal plan deal it was fantasic


I went once before…during Free Dining last year. DH and I absolutely LOVED it! I think it’s going to be a MUST do for us each trip! And luckily we are staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge next trip, so we won’t have far to go! YAY!


mmmm, the soup and hummus and dessert were all amazing!! the rest was good too! haha

we did buses when we went, so our problem was bus related, not car related.


The hummus was probably THE BEST hummus I’ve ever had! I must have went up twice to get a plate full of the pita chips and olive hummus! DELISH!!!


have not had their hummus yet will have to try it


Leave your car at the park and take the AKL bus or just drive over. It’s like 5minutes away from the AK park.