Animals on Kilamanjaro


Funny story, when I got back from Disney I was talking to my boss about the animals on the safari ride and he was arguing with me that they were animaltronics or however you spell it, I just had to laugh, it was so funny, I think he was getting that mixed up with the Jungle Cruise at MK, but he was adament that the animals on the safari ride were not real!


LOL…yes, he must be thinking of the jungle cruise. Tell him it’s the one you are in a truck for…not the boat one…lol


When was the last time he went to WDW?!?!?!


Shortly before I went in 2005, LOL, too funny, i just keep remembering how absolutely certain he was!


He sounds like my 6 year old. She would ask me “is that real” in regards to anything that moved in the parks. LOL


I think it’s funny when people are “sure” about things that are incorrect. My friend swore to me that the Kilimanjaro trucks were on a track. I told her that they were not, but she insisted. Sometimes there’s no changing their mind, so why argue.


You could always show him on line…
I love to prove those men wrong.


Great idea, LOL! Some people could argue that the sky is purple!


When I was last in Epcot, in 2004, one of the last attractions I went to was the American Adventure. I honestly thought the white statues (that line the theater) were either real people or animatronics! I fully expected them to start dancing or singing. Then when I realized how wrong I was, I couldn’t stop laughing, and I decided that meant it was time to go home! LOL :laugh:



WHAT!! They AREN’T audioanimatronics??!?!?!


The sky is purple and the animals are fake… I thought everybody knew that… :laugh:

Seriously…Folks should know better than to argue WDW with us… :biggrin:


I know we are Disney Experts! Don’t argue with me!!