Animations Resort questions


Hi Everyone! I was on the WDW website the other day and looking at the Animations Resort (which I know is where they were originally going to put in the earlier decades and expand POP). I’m wondering if anyone knows when the resort will be opening? I did check out a few dates, and it looks like the only section that isn’t family suites is Little Mermaid…am I right about that? And my final question is, will the Generation Gap bridge still connect over to the Animations Resort, and will they still call it the Generation Gap bridge? I’m super excited to try this new resort! (Sorry if this has already been asked and answered, and Thanks MBuzzers!!)


I’m not sure about the bridge. The resort is scheduled to open in May 2012. I think there will be around 1,150 suites and about 850 regular rooms (but I don’t know where they are located).


As glad as I am that the structures across from Pop are finally going to be put to use, I have a few thoughts.

-POP CENTURY, is now not a “century” of anything. The 50’s through 90’s at 10 yrs a piece is not a century. Eventually I would think this whole resort will be rethemed to be more relateable. Think the year 2875, for example, the 50’s through the 90’s are going to seem overly silly. Possibly re-theming the resort to expand the AOA would make more sense to add in more classic movies like Snow White, Alice in Wonderland etc…

-The generation gap bridge serves no purpose now as its not “bridging” anything. Since the resorts have nothing to do with one another, they should probably just get rid of it and just have the lake in between the two.

Just my thoughts … :redface:


I agree with a lot of what you have to say. Although, I loved walking to the end of the bridge, it was very peaceful. Maybe they could do as you’ve suggested and expand AOA, keep the bridge, and have it be that both resorts are “sister resorts” and dual usable like POR and FQ. But what could they do with all the wonderful stuff that is in place at POP?


No need to tear down the bridge just because the two resorts don’t seem to have any connection anymore.


Yeah, I don’t think they’ll tear it down, either. Disney doesn’t seem to be in a rush to tear anything down unless they have something they want to put in its place. River Country remains are still present, and the waterpark has been closed for over a decade, now. And that “Walk Around the World” path from MK to the GF is still present, even though there has never been a bridge connecting the two. Tearing things down is a waste of money.


Agreed-I really enjoyed the bridge when we stayed at POP.


I’ve never stayed at Pop Century and I’ve never even heard of the Animations Resort - but gotta say - I love the name “Generation Gap” bridge.

I can’t imagine myself in the year 2875 - who of us can!!! But I like the themeing at Pop. I love the “kitsch”. Isn’t that what it’s suppose to be all about?


[QUOTE=llama;1087132]I’ve never stayed at Pop Century and I’ve never even heard of the Animations Resort - but gotta say - I love the name “Generation Gap” bridge.

I can’t imagine myself in the year 2875 - who of us can!!! But I like the themeing at Pop. I love the “kitsch”. Isn’t that what it’s suppose to be all about?[/QUOTE]

Talk about a bridge to nowhere (at least from 2002-2011).
I think I might have referred to it as “The Bridge to Tomorrow” but “tomorrow” seemed to always be a day away, and never any closer. And that fence at the far end that kept you out of “The Forgotten Years” was the perfect illustration of what a bridge to nowhere really is:whistling

The resort is officially Disney’s Art of Animation and was previously referred to by posters as “Pop Century: The Forgotten Years” for obvious reasons.
If you look at bird’s eye aerial pictures on Bing Maps, you can see that the main building has the numbers “00, 10, 20, 30, 40” just like Pop’s main building has the numbers of the decades of the second half of the 20th or the “Pop” Century.
They’ll be gone soon, if they aren’t already, but the picture is at least 18 months old.
This is a still a value resort, so it will have all the same type of oversized icons that the current 4 values have. It will just be themed to Disney (and I guess Pixar) animation projects. The real difference is that there will be a large number of family value suites. The resort was originally planned to have 3000 rooms, like the current Pop, but instead there will be something like 1200 suites and 900 singles (don’t quote me on these numbers).

I think the other poster slipped and meant to type 2075.
I don’t think WDW will exist in 2875.
IF man doesn’t get his act together, nothing will exist in 2875.

What will it be like in 2075?
Who can say. Look at Cedar Point today as compared to 100 years ago.


Here is a look at the rooms, perhaps this will help

First Look: Family Suites at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort Disney Parks Blog


I have checked availability for the second week of june for next year. I am taking DD and three of her friends. There is a good possibility we will end up there. The dates were available, but the only choice is the Nemo section. Not that it matters. I was going to book three rooms at Pop, but this is cheaper and we will have the fridge and microwave which is a huge plus when you have 4 teens.


Those are so cute! Simba sleeping in the vines is so adorable! So bright and fun! Kids are going to love these! I’m glad Disney is starting to realize that families need affordable accomodations when they have more than the obligatory 2 children. Dana - the girls would LOVE that place! How much fun will that be!


I’m definitely wanting to stay here! It will be interesting to see what Disney does with the bridge, and if they change the name of POP century. Any ideas for a new name?


It’s like the sign in our Coney Island restaurant, “Free Coney’s tomorrow”!


My son caught a HUGE fish off that bridge the last time we stayed at POP:laugh:


You do know that all the waters of WDW are catch and release, right?


What else would you do with a fish while staying at POP? lol you can’t get the kitchen to cook it.:laugh: Sorry doug. I am feeling silly this morning.:laugh:


“What else would you do with a fish?”

Right off the bat, how about a misguided attempt to bring home a pet fish from WDW?
And if you were a DVC guest, you’d have the kitchen to prepare “Blinky” for culinary sacrifice:laugh:


we’re booked for june 3rd-8th! nemo suites:)


sounds great!!!