Anita Answer Blog!


Hey now, I just found Anita Answer’s Disney blog

Anita Talk


Very cool! Thanks for posting that link:)


Thanks for link!


Very cool. I just love Anita Answer!! Thats my favorite part of the allears newsletter. :slight_smile:


Mine too, I look for it every Monday evening :happy:


I don’t get it until Tuesday evening. :frowning:


I love Anita Answer! I can’t wait for more blog entries!


in the email you don’t get it until then, but the column on the website is new every Monday pm. Did you not know that my little chickadee or are you making fun of me? :ohmy: :blink:


Me? Making fun of you?:laugh:

No I really wasn’t, I did not know it appeared on the website on Monday night. Now I do! :happy:


THANKS for sharing the link!


I love Anita Answer! Thanks for posting this!


Now let’s hope that she’s blogging weekly


It is great reading her answers and her blog should be awesome too. Anita rules!