Anniversary Dinner


I had mentioned earlier that DW and I were going to WDW for a 3 day trip in late April to celebrate our 13th Anniversary. Since this trip will be without children, I want to plan at least one nice Dinner.
I am not really looking for a Victoria & Albert’s type meal, a little too pricey, but still nice. Any suggestions?


I would have to say California Grill at the Contemp. Make a late reservation so that way you can hear and see wishes at the MK…

Happy Early Anniversary


Or you could try Le Cellier and then catch Illuminations afterwards!


We particularly enjoyed the Crystal Palace for our own anniversary dinner. Tell the server about your anniversary and watch what happens… :wink:



Flying Fish Cafe is a wonderful choice for an adults only dinner. It’s a bit pricey but the service and food are both very good. After dinner you can either walk over to Epcot or enjoy the Boardwalk.


Fulton’s at Downtown Disney maybe?


How about Jiko at AKL?


San Angel Inn in Epcot’s Mexico pavillion is very very romantic. The food is pretty good, but expect a limited menu. The Margaritas are great though !! We love it there. It is definantly more about the atmosphere there than the food.


San Angel Inn is pretty intimate (the area is fairly dark and candle-lit tables).

Le Cellier is nice

Bistro de Paris is nice as well.

In MK, I went to Liberty Tree Tavern with my girlfriend last week. It’s not too intimate or romantic, but it’s a little more upscale and the food is great. Plus you can be with characters!


Le Cellier!!! Maybe I’ll see you and be able to wish you a happy anniversary! :wub:


I couldn’t agree more, we love this place. I also have to say Portabello’s is wonderful, awesome food, service and atmosphere.


Le Cellier - great food. Also you can order an Anniversary cake. They are around $25.00 I believe. :mickey:


We had dinner at Cinderella’s Round Table for our 15th anniversary in 2002. I did specify this when I made our reservation. We were quite surprised when our server presented us with a gift for our anniversary, which were two champagne glasses with the CRT etched in them. It was a nice surprise.


We also enjoyed Boma the same week and the server knew it was our anniversary week. I won’t spoil the surprise but it was very cool.



A friend went for an aniversary and called the restaurant to ask if they could do a cake. She tole me it was $13 for a cake that fed everyone at the table. If I recall correctly, the restaurant had it made at the bakery at The Boardwalk and then sent over.


So basically, you should throw the term “anniversary” (or in my case this July “honeymoon”) around whenever you make reservations for dinner? I’m glad to hear they do special things for people on special occassions, especially gifts since dinner is expensive anyway!

I suggest Ohana, just because the food is great, and probably the California Grill.


I like the Brown Derby at MGM. Esp the grapefruit cake.


the CG is a great place to have a romantic dinner. the food is excellent and the view, oh the view!!! it’s a great place to see Wishes. you’ll definitely love it there. just thinking about it makes me want to go right now. i say go with CG.