Anniversary surpise during friend's trip - Ideas please?


Some very dear friends of our are leaving for WDW in about 10 days. They have dinner scheduled for Cinderella’s Royal Table the night of their 10th anniversary. I want to send them a little Happy Anniversary surprise, but I am not sure what to do. Should I send a cake or something to their dinner or something to their room? Help me with some ideas please. Thanks.


I think its a lovely idea, and my choice is the cake to the dinner ( if its allowed?) I think for it to be delivered in front of other guests enhances the surprise.
Failing that, a gift basket to the room is equally as nice an idea, however, be pretty firm with the order as I was on the receiving end of an order gone wrong and have since heard of others-
Let us know what you decide, and what a super friend you are!


The one problem I see is that if you can have it presented at CRT they might have to carry any xtra around with them if there is any left. I would go w/ the room basket.


i have done the cake twice … once for our anniversary and once for my dh bday. it was wonderful but we were stuck with the rest of the cake… i would however do it again…


I agree. We have ordered a cake at dinner before and then had to deal with the leftovers aftwerwards. If their ADR is late, it would probably be ok. Otherwise, I would suggest a room basket.


There’s also the idea of maybe splurging for a spa treatment that day or a starlight carriage ride. Have a gift certificate delivered to their room in an anniversary card.


I am not sure if they still do it, but they used to have a special glass slipper dessert you could special order at the castle. It’s a chocolate slipper filled with cream and berries. You could send that to your friend and her prince charming.

eta: I found this link that might help:


Go for the Cinderella Shoe dessert! You have to call the Grand Floridian bakery to get it (I got it for my DD & Mom’s Birthday) they custom the writing on the plate to say what you want - wasn’t too much $$ If I remember correctly $15 each? I have a TR on here somewhere with pictures . . . PLUS it’s a one person dessert so no leftovers and makes for great photo ops! :heart:

Link to phone numbers:

Link to pictures:


I have decided on the Cinderella Chocolate Slipper dessert. It looks so beautiful. I have been on the phone for 45 minutes this morning trying to get it ordered and I have been transferred from person to person only to be told that they are not who handles these orders - ARGHH! I just left a message on the cake hotline finally, so hopefully I will be able to speak with someone about the order.


never seen that chocolate slipper…need to look into that


This is one area that really lets Disney down- nothing seems straightforward when you want to order something? I hope you eventually get the order sorted out,as the slipper dessert sounds wonderful!:happy:


Cake hotline won’t be able to help (they told me they no longer made them) - call the Poly that is where I got results OR the GF bakery - it was a process for me too, but it has to be ordered 72 hours in advance.

FYI - you may end up with a chocolate, not white chocolate slipper, they are rare, but every now and again they pop up! GOOD LUCK!!


I love the chocolate slipper dessert idea. What a nice surprise.

I think the spa cert is a nice surprise too.

Do you want another friend to send a surprise too?? I leave in a week for WDW:blush:


Someone sent my DH and I the white cocolate slipper once, not only is it pretty to look at, it tasted really good too! IMHO you made a great choice.


Anyone know if they deliver the cakes to Garden Grove?


Well, I finally got everything taken care of. After six days, a bunch of calls and redirection. I was able to order the Cinderella Chocolate Slipper for our friend’s 10th anniversary. I spoke with Nicole at Cinderella’s Royal Table Special Events and she took care of everything. It was quite the ordeal but, hopefully it will be the surprise I am hoping for. Thanks for all of the suggestions.