Anniversary Trip Planning


My DH and I will be celebrating our 20th anniversary in June, so we were on the hunt for the perfect destination. We did not really consider any overseas, beach, cruise, or spa trips, as that is not necessarily our thing. We had been thinking Las Vegas since about January, as I have never been there and we wanted to go somewhere that we wouldn’t want to take the children. Recently we threw New York into the pot, but we just went with another couple almost 3 years ago and were not excited about repeating. We were becoming frustrated, as none of those places was really drawing us. Then, the words came out: I would love to go to WDW.

Well, I decided to browse the official website and began to look at tours. I got really excited about the Backstage Magic Tour when I saw that participants had to be 16 to go. It will be another 6 years before our family reaches that milestone, and I wouldn’t want to pay all of that cash for 5 anyway. Perfect! I booked it for the day we wanted, and a trip was born!

Next up was dining. I wanted for us to try something different, so I was able to get ADRs for California Grill and Les Chefs de France for the times that we wanted. We will be dining at Whispering Canyon on the tour, and we plan to be flexible with the rest. I figure the fewer heavy meals, the more room for Dole Whips and that absolutely to-die-for Frozen Chai at Anandapur Tea Company in AK!

Flights: Check! Tickets: Check! Tour: Check! Dining: Check! That left the room, and I wanted something special and different. We narrowed our focus on Comtemporary or BLT with a MK view. Pricey, but 20 years is worth celebrating. I had no offers, and we were not planning for a time with discounted offers. I decided on BLT and saved it, but couldn’t bring myself to complete the reservation.

Well, to my surprise and complete excitement, I got an e-mail from my favorite mouse friend: 30% off of a room!!! I called immediately. Well, the CM said that there were no offers under my name. Really?!?! I just got this addressed to MY e-mail directly from Disney. Apparently someone else had used our e-mail, as we have had the same one since we got a computer in the 90s. It’s like the person’s name would be Michelle Obama and our last name were Mobama, and the email camt to It was weird, but the CM wouldn’t let us use the code. I politely groaned a little, and hung up the phone. But, this “Mobama” wasn’t going to give up so easily!

I waited about 10 minutes and redialed. This CM was just as nice as the first, but she was incredibly helpful and sympathetic. Of course I neglected to tell her that I had just called… She asked who the e-mail was addressed to, and I told her it was strange that it said The Obama Family (I’m going to be flagged for something, aren’t I?) instead of Mobama. Hmmm… She said that it must be a typo. She was a bit confused, but said that she would fix it and we could use the code. Yay!!! Close to $700 saved on what we originally wanted, but we ended up saving well over $700 on a MK view room in the Contemporary Tower. Crazy!

Thanks for letting me share my plans and excitement. …and I wish that Michelle would fix her e-mail address!


Congratulations on your 20th anniversary and on getting your discount. Have a great trip.


Awesome story. Good job on the determination!


I had a similar situation years back. I had planned my bosses wdw trip so all the confirmations came to my email address, with his name on the reservation. Later I received an email for 35% off but had my bosses name on it. I called and was able to get the discount even though it was a different name seeing they sent me the email.


Sounds like a wonderful anniversary trip.


Thanks! We are really excited about going.


Congrats on your milestone anniversary and persistance does pay off. Congrats on getting the discount too.