Announce it already!


What is WDW waiting for? I want them to announce the MNSSHP dates…GRRR Losing patience…I want to see that 8/29 as opening night. Everyone who is sick of me talking about this already, please raise your hand…lol Sorry all…I just want to get my tickets!


deep breath in…
deep breath out…
deep breath in…
deep breath out…

feel better? Good… LOL

Poor Dana- they are doing it just to bug you…


I am trying to be patient…I really am…it’s just not working. MNSSHP is my favorite and I just want to see 8/29 listed. I just want to see it in writing and be able to order my tickets. I can’t get excited about it until I know it’s definately going to happen. It’s not that I don’t believe rowdy…I just want to see it…lol


but he is better than the horses mouth… we all know that the horses mouth does not talk to the horses A**… besides the horses A** is just some chick working out of her home office and might have only spent a total of 2 weeks ever in disney so what are you so worried about…


Don’t worry, I’m not sick of hearing it because I want to know too!! We’ll be there in October so I am dying to know which dates we might be able to attend a MNSSHP, i’ve never been to one!


If ed gets to go to his business trip he went on last year then we too will be there for that- I am really hoping as well because I have never been to that. They were doing P&PP still when we were there last year.


Hey, I wanna be that chick! LOL :laugh:

Seriously Dana, I can just feel it in the air… I think you are going to get lucky on that schedule, and you will be riding PoC at 11:30 p.m. on August 29, no questions!!! :heart:


IT’s tough to wait… but hang in there Dana…


I think they did the same thing last year Dana. I remember having my whole trip booked and just waiting on the MNSSHP dates - it took awhile!
They’ll announce them when they feel like it :laugh:

I know it’s hard though, you just want to get it all done!


IT’s that and I am afraid to get to excited …what if it falls through? I was SOOOO sad on Halloween this year when I wasn’t at WDW for the MNSSHP…it will mean SO much to be able to attend the party in august…

I will try to be more patient, but admitt that I sign on here every day after work with crossed fingers that the announcement will be amoung the new threads…oh well. Here’s to tomorrow.