Annual Condominium Meetings


We are new DVC members and are interested in hearing from other members about the annual condo meetings held in Dec. Has anyone every gone? What are they like? Are they worth going to? Do members have any input, vote on any issues,etc.?? Do you have an old agenda or minutes from previous ones? Thanks for any input. If it is worth it, we would probably plan on attending and would like to start making some plans.


Hi leeleelew, my wife and I went to one of the meetings last year. We both thought it was going to be real boring. And, we were pleasantly surprised. What’s really cool is meeting the other members. And, you get the scoop on what’s happening with the DVC now and in the future. It’s not worth a special trip… well, ANY excuse makes the trip worth it… but, you get what I’m saying! :slight_smile: