Annual Pass Certificate Trade In


When you purchase your AP’s via the internet they send you a certificate…and in order to check into your room and recieve the AP discount you have to have your AP’s in hand…not the certificate…so…here is my question…instead of going to the ticket window at one of the parks how can you trade in your certificates for AP’s…I remember reading someones TR forever ago that had this done at DTD…anyone have any tips on where in DTD or anywhere else in the world that this is possible??


Yep, go to guest relations at DTD (it’s tucked into a corner and usually isn’t very busy at all). You used to be able to exchange your voucher for your AP at the airport, but I think that’s no longer an option (someone correct me if I’m wrong, please).

But, FYI, they rarely check your AP at check-in (at least, that’s been my experience and the experience of a lot of folks I’ve spoken to). Usually, if they ask for your AP, you can show them your voucher and come back later with your AP to confirm with them.


'Bella, thanks for asking that question…and bali, thanks for answering! :laugh: I was JUST going to post a thread asking that same exact thing. That is a huge help!!

I thought it was a little insane to have to go all the way to a park ticket window!


I agree it’s rare that you’re asked for the AP at check in. The only thing I was ever asked to show was my nurse’s badge at the Swan when I got the nurse discount. Disney knows a lot of people have only a voucher with them at check in. The voucher has a receipt inside it.

Oh…and remember to bring your photo ID with you when you trade your voucher in for the AP. My friend had to go all the way back to the resort to get hers.

Good question about the airport store. I have no idea if they discontinued it or not.


THey didn’t ask for my AP when I checked in last Feb. I only had my voucher and I was a little concerned but they didn’t even ask!!!


I just am not going to risk not having our AP’s at check in…we’ll be driving down from south carolina so we’ll arrive in the early afternoon (probaly before the check in time)…so it’s no big deal really…i just didnt want to have to go to the parks to do it…! Thanks…can anyone tell me specfically where in DTD it is…


I have never been asked about my AP when checking in. I tell them when I call and reserve the room so that I get the AP rate, but I am always asked at check-in if I need to purchase any park tickets!!! I don’t think they even know that you got a special rate…


So do you think we will be safe just going in with our vouchers? :noo: I wouldn’t be so concerned about it, but we will be flying in and it’s going to be a major pain to take the towncar to our resort, get them to hold our luggage, hop on a bus to DTD or a park, get the passes and come all the way back before we can check in…know what I mean??

I think I will take the chance. If I encounter a stinky CM, I guess I will deal with it, but it doesn’t sound like they normally check for ANYTHING! :confused:


I would take the chance. You will have proof that you have paid for your APs, and I can’t see why they would make a big fuss that you only have your vouchers. At the worst they could have you come back to the desk after you have your actual APs, but I am sure they would let you check in without them.


FYI, we JUST did this in December. No one ever asked for our APs.

To the best of my knowledge, they rarely do.

Technically, AP rates are only offered to Current AP holders, but that’s never actually enforced.

When you check in, if they DO ask to see the AP, show them the voucher and simply offer to show them the actual pass after you’ve activated it.

I worried about this a lot before we went down, but I realize there was no reason to worry at all.


Cinderbella – Here’s a DTD map. You’ll find guest relations at the marketplace and on the west side where the little "i"s are. :slight_smile:

Dznygrl – seriously, no worries about checking in with just the voucher. If worse comes to worse, just ask to see a manager and explain that you took external transportation from the airport and had no way of getting to a park or DTD before coming to the resort. Besides, with Magical Express, Disney’s building into their own system a way to keep folks from exchanging vouchers before getting to the resort, after all! I’m sure that you’ll have no problem bringing the AP back to show them once you’ve exchanged the voucher. I’d be really surprised if you were even asked for the AP at all.


You can also do this at the Outlet store at the Premier Outlet mall on Vineland Dr. We activated our passes there last summer on our way to AKL where they did ask for the AP when we were checking in. I was also asked for my AP when we stayed at PC at Christmas.


We got stopped two years ago with only the voucher for our AP’s (renewals). Now we go to DTD to activate them prior to going to the resort. DZNYGRL, most town cars will take you to DTD and wait for you no charge, as long as they know about it ahead of time.


Well, there you have it. Anything can happen, I guess. :confused: I’ve honestly never heard of anyone not being allowed to check in with just a voucher until this. I still say go for it – you’re most likely not going to have any problems; but definitely do what makes you most comfortable!


Please let us know what happens, so I can get an idea of what I should do about this on my trip!


Bali and jodilt, thanks! I was pretty sure I was going to go ahead and take the chance, since it doesn’t sound like there is much risk. But now that I read this…maybe we will stop at DTD first?? Thanks timsha!

Oof. Just remembered something. Now that the plan is to move to FL, we will be renting a car while we’re down there (most likely.) :pinch: So it probably doesn’t matter after all! :laugh:


Personally, I’ve never had any problems with just the voucher or receipt. I asked once about it and was told that I’d need to produce the AP’s by checkOUT or the bill will be adjusted to a regular rate. If the CM at check-in would give you any grief about it, I’d ask to speak to a manager. I really doubt you’d have any problems though. But DO bring the AP’s back.


AH! See, now that you mention it, I bet that’s why most people have had no problem. They adjust the checkout bill if you don’t show them by the end of your trip. Thanks.

I think that makes sense. It seems like a little too much to ask for people to always have their passes right at check-in. :rolleyes:


>>I think that makes sense. It seems like a little too much to ask for people to always have their passes right at check-in<,

Once you have it, you’re ok, but if it’s a new AP, it’s impossible to have it before you get there, I guess?? I really don’t think you can get the actual AP until you go to a gate. We always get ours renewed at the International Gateway.


From what people are saying, it sounds like a park or DTD are the only ways to get your actual passes…so I’m glad that Disney isn’t TOO strict about having the passes at check-in. :whistling It would be a major inconvenience, especially for people using Disney’s Magical Express! So I should hope they’d be understanding.