Annual pass discounts online or Codes?


Last year we purchased our annual passes online and then booked our rooms at the Poly online logging on to the passholder section. Are they still using this and is it the same price as the codes? We are planning on going back the second week of October. We have one extra going with us this time, a total of six, so we will have to get two rooms. This will get expensive so we want to save as much as possible.


I think it’s back to the codes again. They got rid of that Best rate program that they had going last year. You can still renew your passes, but you have to use the codes to get the discount I am almost positive.


Thank you for replying. I just called CR and you are right, they discontinued the best rate program. I really liked that program.


But you can book online with the current codes on the passholder section. No codes for October yet, though… .


You should still book your trip. When the discount codes for that time frame come out, you can just apply them to your-already-booked trip.


Ok I keep hearing about “codes”. Where do you get these codes???


Check often. Also,when codes come out,they will be posted on the front page of Disney Central.


Thank you, that is what I did. We reserved two rooms at the Poly for October 7-13.


Congrats to you! The Polynesian is gorgeous. Have you stayed there before? I highly reccomend the Nuie building if you are going standard. It’s in the ideal location. Seconds from the great ceremonial house, pools, transportation and arcade. I loved my room in that building. I had the first floor and loved the patio off the back of the room.