Annual Pass Question


Yes does anyone know if there is a place to buy discounted Annual Passes for the first time not renewal of passes at a discount? Well I should say the vouchers for the Annual Passes. I am not going until the last of Dec. and will stay onsite the first week of Jan. and I was going to purchase an Annual pass so I could take advantage of the discount for rooms that first week of Jan. that is if they have them.


I think it is safe to say that only Disney sells and issues annual passes.
If your only concern is the room discount, ask for whatever annual pass discount you can get and try to get by a park or DTD before you check in to convert the voucher to an AP.
I have heard that if you check in and only have the vouchers, they will still process you as an AP, but you must show them the AP as soon as you get it.


I talked to a disney agent yesterday and they said as long as I activate it before checkin I was definately good to go with it. So we will be there one week prior to onsite checkin at your timeshare so I will it activated DTD before than.


Then you’ll have no problems at all.
Enjoy your visit. January discounts won’t be announced probably until October. So, for now, make a room only reservation for the days that you want and then when the AP rates are announced, call in to modify your reservation.


Well the thing is I think I might be able to swing an upgrade to either maybe wl or perhaps one could wish for blt for Jan 2 to Jan 8 stay instead of staying at POP. both of the frist would be a wish come true for me to get to stay at. That is if I can talk to DW to spend a little extra for the room. She is like I am doing is basically sleeping in the room so I would like to save some for more bang somewhere else. My dream is WL because of he Theme there and Blt because of the location.


WL certainly costs less than all the other deluxe resorts, except AKL which has the same rate structure.
Next up the chain is Contemporary Garden Wing rooms and you sometimes can finagle an upgrade to the tower (Bay Lake view). However, once you start looking at theme park view, the price goes up greatly. I have not compared the rate card for BLT yet as money is getting tighter here all the time and we are downgrading our accommodations accordingly.


AAA sells discounted tickets if you are a member.


Consider renting points for your stay? Often it’s deluxe as cheaply as staying value.

BossMouse has some for rent currently.