Annual pass question!


This was the first time we ever had annual passes…the date on the back is 3/28. So that means I can get into the parks that day, correct?


You’ve been issued vouchers for the annual passes.
The clock doesn’t start ticking until you process them at guest services outside the parks or in DTD.
If you exchange the vouchers for passes on 3/28, that’s when your passes are created and that will be your anniversary date next year, the day your passes expire will be 3/28/16.
So yes, if you process on 3/28, your pass becomes active on that day and you can go right into the park.
I hope this answers your question.


Thanks, we activated our passes a year ago and it says they expire on 3/28/15. So I have a full park day on 3/28/15? Or do I have to renew it to get in on 3/28?


Yes, they will let let you in on 3/28. It’s my understanding the AP’s are good for a yr and a day. The date you started them (in this case 3/28/14) until the end of the day on 3/28/15.


Whew!! Thank you!