Annual Pass Renewal


We have Premium Annual Passes that we are considering renewing. Does anyone know if we can renew but do so for a regular annual pass? We really do not need a premium this year.



I would call ticketing. I am sure there is a way to do it.


I very rarely renew,I just get a new pass when needed no reason to be paying for a pass when I am not going to use it thus eliminating initial downtime on the front end…


We are in this situation this year, we are DVC members and get a discount on the annual passes, we have always had the regular one but last year we got the premium for the higher discount in stores and I think they offered a special or something, but this year it is back to the regular, I will have ot call and find out on that and report back.


I called the other day to renew our passes, but the DVC told me to hold off until late August/early September. That is usually when there is an additional discount offered for DVC members if you are one. Needless to say, I’m holding off a few weeks before I call back.


When does your expire?


This is true - last year, simply by chance, I can’t remember who posted that DVC members were receiving an extra $200 off APs. It was to expire on New Year’s Eve at midnight! I read this on New Year’s Eve at about 7 p.m. CST! So that’s how dh and I spent New Year’s Eve, arranging for our APs. We paid $399 pp for the deluxe APs.


That’s very interesting. Hoping it’s true. We had bought the passes last yr for the great price, would be great in it happened again.


If anyone hears anything about the extra discount please let me know. I am on the boarder line on if I should renew this year since we are using all our point in February for a big vacation. If I can get the passes at a good enough discount it might be cheaper than buying 10 day tickets to the parks with the hopper. If I have the passes, maybe DH will splurge on another trip to Disney even though we don’t have points. We can’t let those passes go to waste!


Ours already expired. We attempted to renew them about 3 months ago when they were expiring, but they told us to hold off and just purchase them new. It would be cheaper. So we did. And, when the discount kicks in, it will still be cheaper to just buy new than to renew.


last year they discounted premium annual passes to 399.00 would love that this year but we shall see


Please let us all know if you hear of any discounts.

We just got back from WDW and the person I spoke to at Guest Services said that you can renew a premium annual pass into a regular annual pass and get the DVC discount. Very sweet!

Ours expire in mid-Dec.