Annual passes


This may be a crazy question, but…If we purchase a 10 park hopper with water parks through Undercover Tourist, can we upgrade that ticket to an annual pass or does the original ticket have to be purchased through WDW. Also, since I have the waterpark option on it, do I have to upgrade to the premium pass with waterparks?? Can I add waterparks to our passes at a later date? Thanks!!


my understanding is you can upgrade ,but as to the exact timing I am not familiar,it used to be I think during the trip and water can be added at any time…but this not gospel just a recollection,if you are going to stay 10 days i do not believe there is any reason not to get pass…at one for the acompanying discounts…


I was thinking you could update a pass to an annual pass as long as it was before the pass expires. . so while you are at disney.


If you do upgrade, figure out how much more it should cost. Now maybe this is just a fluke, but my DS had 7 day passes from undercover tourist and wanted to add a day. So at that level it’s like 8 bucks or something. First the disney said “did you buy these someplace else” and then charged him more that expected. Since we had bought the tickets, DS had no idea it should have been just a few bucks more. After he got home, he called disney back and explain, they refunded him about 28 dollars. Disney had no idea why he was charged so much more. (It wasn’t until we were home, did he tell us how much the upgrade had cost, that’s why the call from home.)


I was wondering if I had to upgrade to a premium pass since my original ticket has the waterpark option on it?!?!?!?