Annual Passholder Pins


Hello Pin People,

Why - I’ve never been here before…:happy:

So here’s the story - as you can see - my friend Caprice (don’t call her Cappy) and myself are on our way to the Greek Isles in October. This is the first trip we’ve ever had by ourselves and we are very excited. However - both of us are just lowly housewives with no source of income:crying: So we are trying to raise as much money as we can -

so, last week when I was in the Disney Store at the Marketplace there was a special for AP holders. An extra 20% off purchases and two lanyards and two special pins: One is Mickey, as a pilot, flying a plane with Pluto looking out the window and the other is Donald Duck flying in a plane. Would anyone be interested in buying these? I have no idea what to charge for them…:huh: or how these transactions take place…


I might be interested depending on the price.


Steph - I have absolutely no idea what a fair price would be - I know absolutely nothing about pins. What do you think would be fair?


I check ebay and see what the going rate is . . . I saw those lanyards. I am so mad I didn’t get my Mickey Monitor BEFORE my trip or I would have gone to DTD and picked mine up.

I do LOVE the new passholder pin though . . . it’s ADORABLE!!

Good luck with your sale! :happy:


I have no idea but close to what you paid would be fair since they are brand new. In the past I have only bought traders, these might be pins we keep since they are passholder pins. We only have a couple of them but I think Nate would like to add to his collection.


Sweet! I was there when they were giving them away and one of my friends called me and told me to go. its nice to feel appreciated somehow.