Another Baggage Policy complaint!


I know there has been posts on this already, but…

New Continental Baggage policy:
"Continental Airlines is implementing a $25 fee for customers checking a second bag when traveling on certain Economy fare tickets. The fee will apply for tickets purchased on or after April 5, 2008 for travel commencing on or after May 5, 2008 within the 50 U.S., Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and Canada. "

We booked our flights on Feb 5th, and travel on May 9th.

After reading the policy, I was still a bit confused, so I called CO, and after many, many prompts, I got someone to talk to. I gave her my conf#, and told her I booked on Feb 5th, and travel on May 9th, and she said we can only check 1 bag for free.

I asked to speak to a manager. The manager said we can only check 1 bag each for free (even after I told her we booked on Feb 5th). I complained a bit about the impossibility of traveling with a 4 year old to Disney for 12 days with one bag each…and she listened, and then she went away for a bit…came back and said that since we booked before April 5th, we can still have 2 bags each (under 50lbs for each). I was a bit relieved (for this trip), but I’m still sure we are going to run into issues at baggage check in, because even the manager didn’t fully understand the “bookings before April 5th” exemption.

I really think this new policy stinks. They get you every way they can. :angry:

I guess I will have to budget an extra $150 for this next trip.

The complete policy is also a bit fuzzy about strollers, and car seats - I’m not going to bother calling, because I won’t get a straight answer, I’m sure…and even if I did, I will still need to fight the battle when I get to the airport. I guess we will get to the airport early so that I can gear up for speaking to the manager. :dry:


as I stated in another post, more people will be taking carryons than before to make up for the extra not put under.


That is annoying. I already know that we only have a one bag per person policy when we go and I have already been thinking of creative ways to pack!



This post should have gone in the other thread about this policy. Please try not to start entire new threads when there is an exact one active.

You should go prepared to pay regardless…just because one random manager sais you don’t have to doesn’t mean the one who is there when you fly out will.


Do I hear Amtrak licking their lips at the prospect of irritated air travelers deciding to hit the rails instead?


That could be the sound you hear…wit hgas prices being as high as they are and these extra fees for flying…people may start considering the train.


I’m just hoping that Southwest does not jump on this bandwagon.


I would still be prepared for paying the excess whatever you were told on the telephone- those sort of messages often dont get through to the baggage check ins amazingly- Is the extra charge supposed to be security charge? I know alot of the British carriers are charging for this that and the other under the guise of security- when I believe really its just an excuse to make more money from air travellers.


oops, sorry…


I would call again, ask that the manager you spoke with put it in writing and send it to you so that you won’t have to do this all over again at the airport… :pirate:


excellent advice…I would do just that to ensure you dont’ get a surprise charge the day you fly.


Dana: Your avatar is sooooo cute! Awww!

And I agree as well…get it in writing!!!