Another Birthday question


My actual birthday is afew days after Christmas…My Hubby is letting me stay at the resort of my choice this year and spend alot more money than usual as my gift,:mickey: I am hitting the big 40 this year and really need to live it up…because of not being able to get our vacations in December, we had to resort to going to Disney the end of Novemeber…Now…is it ok for me to ask for Birthday cake, ect. at Disney, even though my birthday is 3 weeks later? tell me what you think…


I would order just because you are there celebrating your birthday…even though its not that day you still took the vacation to celebrate it…Have Fun! :happy:


ABSOLUTELY!!! GO FOR IT! And have a WONDERFUL birthday trip!

BTW, which resort did you choose?


It wasn’t a problem for us. We went on the Disney Cruise at the end of June for my DD 4th birthday but her actual birthday wasn’t until mid July. They did not have a problem with any of the requests I made for her birthday. I’m sure it is the same at the resorts.


We like to visit Disney during the holidays to see the pretty Chrstmas Decorations and stay at the cheaper delux resorts, but I really wanted to do abit more for my 40th B’day, since I normally just ignor my birthdays and they go by unnoticed…I did have a lagoon room reserved at the Poly, but then I seen the renovated rooms at the Contemporary, so now I have a Kingdom view room there… We will get to see the regular fireworks and the Holiday fireworks from the partys, right from my room…I am so excited! :happy:


Yes! Order the cake and have fun celebrating your birthday. Don’t forget to get birthday buttons from all the parks.


Yep…Disney is the perfect place to make things all better and ok…
:mickey:and Adds a bit of magic!


Really! Birthday buttons!? This sounds more fun each and every day!


Yes, when you get to each park, make a beeline to the Guest Services area and let them know it is you birthday! They will give you a complimentary Birthday Badge, and you will get special treatment all day… big Happy Birthdays! from CMs, phone calls from Goofy, maybe a special hug from a character, maybe even a churro or a nice seat in the front car of a coaster… you just never know what might happen!


But wont guest sevices get kinda miffed because my b’day is 3 weeks away?


They’ll never ask.

BTW, the cake you order isn’t free. So I don’t see a problem with you paying for a b-day cake when it’s not really your b-day. Most Disney dining offer a generic cupcake with a candle for birthday guests.


go for it…