Another bus question


If I need to get on a bus from POR Riverside and go to contempory should I get on the bus that goes to MK? Will it take me to the T & T center or directly to MK? thanks…


The bus from POR to MK goes directly to MK not the T&T. I think you can walk to the Contemporary from MK (although I have never done it myself)


As Dixie said a bus to MK and it is a short walk to the Contemporary.:smile:
Here is an overhead view of the MK bus stop (bottom Right) and you can see the Contemporary’s parking lot at the top. The walkway to the Contemporary follows the monorail.
MK Bus Stop


We have walked it… but we were running late for Chef Mickey’s and by the time we got there… we were sweat drenched (it was a scorcher)so our picture was less than flattering.


Is there any way to get to contempory from Riverside that doesnt include a walk in 100 degree weather? I have my 72 year young mommom with me…


Lol… the walk was from MK… not POR. I would suggest taking bus to MK, then monorail to Contemporary.


OMG!!! I cant beleive I didnt think of that!!! Its one of those days again!!! I swear I knew that!! Thanks:heart:


Hey it must be one of those days for me too- why didnt I suggest that!!:ohmy:


You could try airline routing. :biggrin:

Take bus to AK, then bus to Downtown Disney, boat to Old Key west via SSR (no change of boat required). From OKW, take bus to MGM - err STUDIOS, then boat to EPCOT changint boats at the Boardwalk. From EPCOT international gate, take boat to future world then take monorail to TTC. Then take the resort monorail to POLY, GF, MK then Contempary.

We know you have many choices in resort transportation, and we thank you for traveling with us today. :laugh:


There is also a boat from the MK to Contemporary if you would prefer a boat ride. Not sure which would be quicker though.


Take a bus to the MK and walk to the the Contempory or take the resort monorail


Best bet is to bus to MK and then either walk or take the monorail to the Contemporary. If you do take a bus to TTC, you still then need to take the resort monorail to the Contemporary and you’ll be made to stop at Poly, GF, and MK all before you get to the Contemporary, a longer trip. To return, I’d probably just walk back to the MK bus station for the bus back to POR unless it was raining. If it’s raining, take the monorail!


There is no longer a boat from MK to Contemporary. (Sorry to say)
There are now 2 direct boats, one to WL and one to FW.
There is a shuttle that runs between WL, FW, and Contemporary on Bay Lake.


This would be funnier if I hadn’t seen Orbitz routings that were worse than this.:crying::wacko: