Another Cirque question


I’ve been researching tickets for the show at WDW and have found that Mapleleaf Ticktets is the cheapest by several dollars. However the purchase is for vouchers, not actual tickets with seat numbers. Ticketmaster, however, sells actual tickets with seat numbers. How do the vouchers work in order to get the seats you want in advance?


I don’t really know, but y ou should just call Omar from Maple Leaf tickets…if he’s not open tomorrow morning, call him first thing Monday. He is the owner and he is GREAT. He will honestly answer any question you may have. I always get my tickets from him!


We purchased tickets through the website. I’d recommend seats in the upper level and towards the middle. You get a better view of everything that’s going on. It’s a splurge, but La Nouba is worth every penny. It was an absolutely amazing show.


I think anything Cirque du Soleil puts on is incredible! I’ve seen “O” in Las Vegas and paid $125 per ticket (maybe more??:confused:) and thought that was worth every cent!!! AMAZING show!!! I’ve yet to see La Nouba, though…one day…when the kids are a little older.


Through which website?


I’ve bought tickets directly from Cirque’s website for their road shows. La Nouba tickets are available directly from them and I think you can also get your tickets directly through Disney reservations and their website.


Yes, you can get tickets for La Nouba through Disney reservations. They offer them to us everytime we make a reservation.


they are also included with some of the packages. DW and i had them for our honeymoon…