Another computer update/outage


Walt Disney World computer systems outage from 6pm on Tuesday through to Wednesday morning
Oct 18, 2010

Disney are about to begin another phase in the upgrade of their computer systems, and it’s expected there may be an outage similar to that which occurred last week. Room and dining reservations, along with room charging may be affected. The work is set to begin at 6pm on Tuesday, with it expected to be completed on Wednesday morning.


They haven’t gotten the last upgrade straightened out and they’re going to do another? Dining reservations are still not showing up…I called the other day to make a DVC reservation for my daughter and checked the ADRs for my upcoming trip; they were all there but do not show on the website. The only ADR that does show is one for my January trip. They were unaware that several of the fax machines were no longer online following the upgrade; I had tried to fax my grocery list to Old Key West and couldn’t get the fax to go through. Hope this upgrade goes more smoothly.


Isn’t progress and technology great.:laugh:


That what you get when you farm the programming out to India and expect them to really test it. As a retire programmer I never installed one of my programs until all the bugs were worked out. But now of day it speed and the stupid Java that make up most of the problems. The data bases can handle the data but the programs that input that data are weak and not fully tested.