Another dining plan question?


If you go to a counter service and your kids are sitting at the table waiting (1 is 7 and the other 11) can I get 3 adult meals rather than the 2 adult and 1 kid meal.Does the CM charge kids meals differently than adult meals? Most of the counter service kids meals are yuk and if my daughter gets an adult entree it is apprx. the same cost as the whole kids meal.


Hey thereā€¦ your trip is getting closer, let me know when you get your coupon.

From what I have been told, the keys are coded with the meal plan.
I guess the computer will tell you how many adults meals and children meals you have. From what I understand they will give you a receipt with the amount of meals that are left.



You will be fine doing that. Just order what you want, they will deduct the three adult counter service meals, and you are on your way. Probably a good idea, since you get plenty of food. My understanding is that the meals are all lumped into one pile, and are all the same, so say you have 20 counter service meals to start, this would just deduct 3 of them.


That is good to know. My kids do not like most of the kids meals and they never feel up DS. When we order him a kids meal at the CS places, he always ends up eating most of my meal too.