Another dining plan question


I have a question about the dining plan. We original plans were to be in WDW from 9/24-10/2, with free dining. I called this morning and added a night onto our trip, so now we are checking out on 10/3, but there were no more “free dining” rooms available, so I just booked the room without the dining. My question is-Can I pay out of pocket on 9/24 (our arrival day) and use the dining plan credits for the night of 10/2? The original reservation has one number and the night of 10/2 is under a different reservation number, so I want to make sure we can do this. I hope this is clear, it is kind of a hard thing to explain-especially writing it! :laugh:


From what I understand you CAN use the DDP on your last day. When you check in your pass will have the number of meals you have. As you use the meals that number is reduced. As long as you have not used all of your meal credits you should be able to use them on Oct 3rd.

I know it sounds like I know what I’m talking about but that is just my understanding, not fact! :blink:



Anytime that we have had to book our vacation under two reservations, we have had to “Check-out” and then “Check-in” on the day departure of the 1st ressie. I think you won’t get your additional dining points until you officially check-in under the 2nd reservation, and unless you are also buying tickets for that night, I don’t think you can add the DDP to that night. However, if you have points left over from your 1st ressie, they won’t expire until midnight of 10/2, so you could possibly use them.


If I understand your question, you want to “pocket” (so to speak) your DDP credits for the first day of your stay and proceed as if the 8 or 9 days worth of credits start on your second day, thus stretching into the extra single day you’re adding on (by way of a separate reservation).

I think the strict answer to your question is “no”. The DDP credits activate on check-in and must be used by check-out (of your original stay) and thus wouldn’t officially carry over to the extra day you’ve added on by separate reservation,

But, MickeyMom is correct about this potential work-around:

However, if you have points left over from your 1st ressie, they won’t expire until midnight of 10/2, so you could possibly use them.

You should be able to get your lunch, dinner and snacks covered by the DDP on 10/2. Your meals on 10/3 will not be covered by the plan.

Like lisalovesmickey says, though: I’m not speaking authoritatively here, just passing on my understanding. You probably want to check ahead of time, double-check at check-in, and reconfirm at check-out (on 10/2). And if anyone tells you that the credits from the first stay (9/24-10/2) can be transferred over to the 10/3 stay, get that in writing somehow. You’d hate to leave credits unused.


If I understand your question correctly…then yes, you could pay OOP for your first day and bank the credits to use your last day instead. They are good until midnight on your checkout day, so I don’t see why that wouldn’t work, even if you are checking in under a different ressie on your last day? Someone correct me if I’m wrong…


I’m pretty sure this is correct. We drive to WDW, so we usually hit the parks for several hours on check-out day and use DDP credits to eat. We’ve already checked out of our rooms, too, so those credits aren’t tied to your check out. Like you said, they’re good until 11:59 p.m. of your checkout day. Once you roll into the next day at midnight, you’re out of luck.


I was told you have until midnight of the day you check out of the reservation with the dining plan - so, in your case, Oct. 2. I would check with Disney Dining just to make sure.


I believe this is correct!!


It is… we have done it. We always go to the parks for a half day before we go home. We check out, and then we go to the parks, and have lunch- using DDP credits. We have also done this, and then gone back to the hotel and bought snacks for the ride home with our extra credits for snacks… But, by midnight, POOF- just like Cinderella’s coach, and dress… it;s gone.


Like the others have said, you can use your dining credits up to midnight on the day you checkout of your first reservation…