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Hello MBers! Since I have yet another snow day I am spending it obsessing - I mean planning- our October trip :blink: We are staying on DVC points and I believe I read that DVC members can have the dining plan for any number of days that they choose and not for their entire stay - please correct me if that is wrong :blush: Is it possible to have the deluxe plan part of the days and the regular plan the other days? We would like to go to CRT and HDDR and I can’t figure out if it is better to pay OOP (which would cause my DH to have a heart attack :blush:) or have the deluxe plan or regular plan! I don’t want the deluxe plan for the entire 7 day trip - too much to try to plan with a 3-yr-old!
Thanks for all of your advice!!!


Hey FGMm, I don’t believe you can split the plans nor use it for part of the stay. Everyone on the reservation uses the samae plan for every night.

I agree w/ your DH, the Dplan does take the sting out of the dinner bill.


I’ve never heard of Disney letting guests switch between the various dining plans on the same reservation. I doubt seriously that it’s even allowed.
If you’re worried about wasting meals, then go with the standard plan and pay out of pocket for the extra sit down meals.
Also, as I tell everyone, you MUST do your math! Figure out what you’re most likely to eat and where and what OOP costs would be compared to a sit down dining credit which should be used for meals costing $30 or more. Using a meal credit for a breakfast buffet is a waste of that credit while dinner buffets are in line with the $30 figure.
Many times, it costs less to pay out of pocket than the value of the credit. Remember, at about $47 a day, you need to get a $3 snack and a $15 counter service meal along with the $30 sit down meal in order to get your money’s worth.

As a DVC member, you can also get a Tables In Wonderland membership which will give you a 20% discount on the full check (alcohol included) at almost all of the WDW sit down restaurants. Yes, you do get hit with a mandatory 18% tip, but you’d have to leave that tip anyway. So, 20% off for all meals as compared to the cost of the dining plan gives you another option.


Thanks for the info guys! My sister is the DVC member. So no TIW card for us unfortunately. We are planning to eat our TS meals in the evening. Are we better off using 2 for CRT or HDDR do you think? Or is it best to just pay OOP and use the extras for Character breakfasts? :blink::blink:


Like I said before, the character buffet breakfasts cost about $20-22 (unless it’s during the so called holiday periods when they put a $4 surcharge on all buffets) and you’ll be wasting money by not paying out of pocket if your on the regular plan. If you’re on the deluxe plan, then you absolutely must do character breakfasts in the mornings and mostly signature restaurants for dinner and use the two daily snacks to carry you through to dinner.
I have long been of the opinion that CRT is a rip off because they force you to buy the photo package because it is included in the price of the meal and that’s the real reason they get away with two credits. HDDR is a different question because it’s a different kind of meal. If you want to do the dinner show, do it, but keep in mind that dining plan guests don’t get to sit in section 1 for their two credits.

It’s still a math thing. What I recommend is that you pull your dining planning together and make dining reservations in late March. You won’t need to decide on adding any dining plan until you’re much closer to arrival, but you should have a plan for where and when you want to eat and will also have some numbers so you’ll know which option will be best for you. Also, even though you’ll have made reservations, you can still change them. The idea here is that there are many obsessive people out there who can’t wait until they’re 180 days out so they can lock in everything including Chef Mickey’s, CRT, California Grill, and le Cellier.

And don’t forget to look at menus and prices on All Ears

Restaurant Dining Menus from Walt Disney World


Excellent advice Sg. I need to evaluate TiW option. We are thinking of dining at Citricos & Yachtsman, both signature meals. So the 20% might work better for us. Let’s not kid ourselves, the alcohol included part is important to consider.


Soundgod, Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge!! I will now plan what everyone gets to eat for 7days in Oct. If I’m not crazy yet, that ought to push me over the edge :laugh: :laugh:

For some reason my countdown decided to start showing :wub:


FairyGranmama- love your name, wish I thought of it.

Anyway…Just being DVC doesn’t allow you to buy a TIW card. Being an AP holder or a Fla resident does.

As far as booking meals plans for different days. Yes it can be done,and no I can’t tell you how. :confused::blink::eek: When I booked our trip for dec, I asked about it. I was told you need to break up your reservation. for example…day1 &2 -one reservation- DxDP, day 3&4 - another reservation- no DDP, day 5 -an another reservation- QSP…confusing, you betcha…I was told you need to plan up front what days you wanted the to do what and then you pay right away for the dining plans. I believe you will stay in the same room but with every change you have to check in and out, get new room keys. etc. Now I have read some people did book and then managed to jiggle things around to book dining plans, but I believe since it’s a fairly new option, half the people (like me) don’t quite understand all the ins and outs.

If you plan to just add the dining plan to the whole time, that can be added at the last min, around 3 or 4 days ahead. I do believe you now have to pay for it at that time. Last trip, we paid for it at check in.

Sorry I’m not more help. I’d ask your sister to check into it. But all in all, we are pleased with using TIW. We usually get an AP and plan 2 or 3 trips in one year. Then skip a year to save up DVC points.


Oh fiddle-faddle.


How long is your trip? If you want to do tons of math, figure out how much you could save (if any) with paying for one AP. DVC people are getting a price break for the AP, (of course that could disappear tomorrow). So how much more would the AP cost and then figure out how many bucks you would save at the TS meals. The one TIW card can cover up to ten people at a meal.


Jo-Jo we are going for 7 nights. 5 or 6 of us, my niece is undecided. Thanks for letting me know we can make multiple reservations and change the DP. I wouldn’t want to ask my sister to do that, but I might another time when we are staying without DVC points.

Thanks for the compliment on my name :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=FairyGranmama;1062457]Jo-Jo we are going for 7 nights. 5 or 6 of us, my niece is undecided. Thanks for letting me know we can make multiple reservations and change the DP. I wouldn’t want to ask my sister to do that, but I might another time when we are staying without DVC points.

Thanks for the compliment on my name :-)[/QUOTE]

I’m not sure if you can do the ddp/no ddp deal without using DVC. Perhaps if you are changing resorts, you can. I’ve only really noticed what was happening with DVC stuff.

Where are you staying for this trip?


Am I still making this mistake?

On the single AP discussion, when you start getting to 7 days and adding park hopper (which I strongly recommend) you’ll be getting very close to the cost of a standard annual pass. Once you have that AP, you are then eligible for AP room rates and your AP would be good for 365 days from your first use (as long as you buy it in WDW or buy your AP voucher from WDW).
The math will make your head swim, but in the end, you’ll feel better for doing your homework.


Jo-Jo we are staying at OKW. Can my sister buy an AP for me? If not aren’t they a lot more than 7 day park hoppers? I’ll have to check on that. I was planning on getting our tickets from Undercover Tourist. We have purchased from them before. So, I can buy a TIW if I have an AP even if I’m not DVC? Wow there are too many options!!


Sorry no, your sister can’t get the dvc discount for the AP for you.

I don’t know the price difference but I’m thinking it the 7 day will be much cheaper. I haven’t look at any prices lately.

You can buy the TIW as long as you have an AP or quickly move to Fl. DVC really doesn’t have anything to do with TIW. It just seems that way since so many DVC people have APs and they also have TIW cards.

As some point, I’m so sick of options, I’m almost ready to stay home. I feel like I earned a degree in accounting for all the math you do trying to figure out the best way to go. :blink::blink:


An AP would cost (approx) $400 + the $75 ToW.
One web site said @ $75 cost I would need to spend $375 on meals to break even.

So if I divide $400 by 75, I get 5.33.
I then multiply it by the $375 I would have to spend and I would need to spend $2000 on food and beer to break even.

Even on my best week - that is a lot if beer. Sounds like the Dining Plan or cash are my options.


Yes, but the AP would allow you to come back for the 50th or 51st week of your AP year and you will have 14 days of park hopping, at least. And I still can’t grasp that people with 20 trips under their belts can still limit themselves to only one park per day.