Another "Disney shoe" question


Anyone have experience with these Keen shoes? I tried them on and instantly LOVED them! I’d like to think they are perfect for walking ‘The World’ but I’d feel better knowing someone else had done that and likes them. They’re not cheap and I don’t want to spend money on a pair of shoes that don’t meet my expectations. I’d get a lot of wear out of them anyway, but I really want them to be perfect for WDW. Anyone?


Well, I love Keen shoes. I have not, however, had that pair or worn mine to WDW. I almost bought that style a few years ago but I have Flinstone feet and the top of that shoe was too tight for me.

The Keens I do have (sneeker type) I wore all over Italy and they were wonderful.


Sorry Sally, can’t help you. Just wanted to say they do look comfy.


i went on the site and found a cute sandal… for $60…00 Dicks sporting goods has them Im going to go and try them out… i like them and sixty is not bad for good shoes.


I like those Smee- can’t help with your question but i do like the style.


I’m looking forward to walking the world in croc’s this year:smile::smile:
but those shoe’s look comfy


OMG just seen the price of KEEN shoes, if they are as expensive over there as over here WOW ( around $130??)


You can always order them from They have free shipping to you and on returns, so if you wear them around the house, and they aren’t for you, just send them back.


Oh those do look comfy. :slight_smile:


This particular pair is $99. But wow. When I tried them on, the arch and heel support were the best I’ve ever felt for my feet. I’ve always worn New Balance because they are so good for my feet and comfortable for long walks. These felt even better. BUT that was in the store. I want shoes that still feel good on my feet after five miles of walking! :laugh::mellow::happy:


Let me know what you think! I also tried on a pair of sandals that I really liked but I think I’d get more wear out of these.


That might just be what I’ll have to do! :happy:


i use the keen shoes and love them!


There’s nothing wrong with the shoe, in fact I like them. My mom always brought shoes with her for us everytime she visits us here in Philippines.