Another dopey question


When you don’t arrive at your resort until almost midnight, will they hold your room or would they want to be notified of late arrival like any other hotel?

Usually if you don’t call a hotel by 6pm, even having reserved the room with a credit card (the only way I know to reserve a room), the rooms are then back in the line-up
Does anyone know this?
Sorry if that’s been posted before. I don’t have time today, now that I thought of it, to look into the archives here :blush:



For me, I’ve always looked for this legal montra:

“Reserved for late arrival”

Absent that wonderful little legal phrase, you are correct, your room is fair game… :pirate:


Why, are you arriving after midnight? How can this be? Stay at the motel 6 down the road then, and then go to Disney the next day.


I would call for sure! I remember waiting on some guests who came to find there room at POR had been “reassigned” and they were being moved to CSR at midnight with two very young kids.


They better not mess with Dopey!!! They will have US to deal with if they do!!! :ph34r:

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By the way, that is not a dopey question… But calling sounds like the wise course of action…


Ok peeps, I will call. thanks

And limser, I made the ressies before the flights and then this and then that and now I am sick and tired of changing things and so now ya know, things are just what they are. It’s ok, I’ll survive :pinch:


Thank you Mr. Goof :closedeye :closedeye


Yup I know. I was just giving you a hard time.:wink:


I would expect Disney to hold the room for me, but being the OCD Queen, I would also call and make sure. :laugh: I do know that they are at check-in all night, I’ve checked in at 2:30 am before.


I’ve arrived late before after taking a flight after Chase gets out of school, and I have always asked for late arrival to be noted on my reservation.


Perfect! That’s what you should do Dopey!!


okey dokey :happy: and thanks again.


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I would just call to be sure, maybe you can let them know that you are arriving later!


Umm, I will have to get back to you on that.:tongue:


My only experience with this was at the Hard Rock Hotel. We got a really late start and arrived at something like 2 in the morning. I went to check in and there was a delay. Finally someone comes to me and says, we’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is we’re putting you up at the Portofino. Why? Well, we gave your room away here because you arrived late. I wasn’t happy in the least. I read them the riot act. Big deal, you’re putting me up at the other hotel. You charged my credit card already. Sputter, sputter from the manager. I continue, if I hadn’t shown up, you would have still charged my credit card, even though I didn’t stay. That’s right, the deposit was non refundable, but you don’t have to worry, we’re putting you in the other hotel. Again, big deal, if you charged me for the room, and were not going to refund my room, you never should have put someone in MY ROOM! Yes, but we’re putting you in the other hotel for free. Are you still charging my card for this room? Uh, let me go take care of that.
They tried to pull a scam where they got paid for the room twice.
I added this to my list of issues at the Universal hotels between 2001 and 2003 and eventually, they were kind enough to comp us a two night stay in the Portofino and gave me the room I specifically requested for our anniversary. This was not a premium club level room, just a normal two bed room, on the 4th floor, with a large enough balcony to eat dinner on at sunset.
Great plan. Too bad we had to attend a funeral on our way to Orlando and arrived too late for the sunset. But still, they finally got everything right and haven’t faltered since.


Yeah, I know how this works, cause I am in the business, although I have never not held a room for which I had a credit card number. If someone didn’t make it here that night, did not call to cancel, I would charge them for the room the next morning. Had I rented the room to someone else, I would never charge the “No-show”. that’s not cool. But Visa and MasterCard and other credit cards state right in their rules that rooms can be given to someone else if notice of late arrival is not received by 6 pm.
The rules should be different for Disney and Universal, who take our money way ahead of arrival date. The room is paid for, it should stay empty, not double dipped like they tried to do with you.
But that’s a whole new thread…