Another DVC & dining plan question


Not sure if anyone knows, but is the dining plan added to your room key when you pay for the plan at check in ?

Hoping not to have to carry around a key, passes and a dining plan pass or something.

I was asking since I imagine that most DVCers already have park passes or annual passes.



Hmm, good question. I am ASSUMING they would attach the dining plan to your park passes?!? If you are an APer maybe they attach the plan to your room key card. Hmm, interesting. Not too sure.


The old dining plan was attached to the room key. My guess is the new one would be too. With DVC, you get a room key just like the other resorts. If you have your park tix on it, you use those for entry. You can use them to charge dining or souvenirs too.


Since no one has actually done this, there isn’t really any way to know for sure. Every other resort does it on your room key/park pass. No reason why the DVC resorts would do it any differently.


I guess that makes sense, why they have you pay for the plan at check in.
So they can attach it when they give out the room keys.