Another DVC you know about it?


I was searching for information on DVC and ran accoss this site, All Other Timeshare Systems - Timeshare Users Group Online Community Forums does anyone know anything about TUG?


I’ve neve heard of it. I was looking for a forum for DVC members when I came across this. I’ll check it out!


I just signed up to TUG and I also go on mouseowners


There is a wealth of information there. Thanks!


I am a little overwhelmed with that site. I joined and I can’t even find things I was looking at this morning b/c there are so many new posts there and so many people on. WOW! It’s huge! Being new to forums, DVC, and all that good stuff I guess its to be expected though.:whistling


I belong to TUG! Well, I haven’t actually gotten around to paying the $10…:whistling …but I am still a GUEST there and get a GREAT deal of info on there! Unfortunately, there is no dedicated DVC forum, for some reason. There is a thread right now on there suggesting they create one. It only makes sense, since they have dedicated forums for Marriott, Hilton, Starwood…


Since we are talking DVC Info sites, how about DVCNews - The essential web resource for Disney Vacation Club members! - Home

This is a pretty well organized site with a ton of info.


I am really liking mouseowners…


MouseOwners is really good. I use a combo of the Disney DVC website, Mouseowners, and DVCNews to keep up to date. My wife uses Mouseowners all of the time and informs me what to look for on there.


I like MouseOwners as it is the best forum that is dedicated to just DVC, IMHO. I hang around there as well as a dozen other Disney-related forums (now including MB!).


I will have to spend some time reviewing, it looks great.


good to have you here, Mike :smile:


I visit Mouseowners too. It is a great site filled with alot of info.


I agree. Mouseowners is a great site. I have really enjoyed it. I’m going ot have to check out DVCNews now.